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"Search for"

    This is where you put the words you want to search for.
    • Jordan will return a list of all documents containing the word "Jordan".

    • people of Jordan will return documets with sentences containing "people of Jordan".
    • Advanced search also supports "and" and "or" operators.
      radio and Lebanon will search for pages that include both "radio" and "Lebanon". In other words pages relating to radio in Lebanon
      song or dancing will return all pages that contain one or both of the words. In other words pages that has to do with singing and pages that has to do with dancing.

"Allow misspellings"

    Click this if you are uncertain of how your search words are spelled. E.g. "Yordan" is recognized as "Jordan"

"Return only files modified within ... days"

    Use this if you want new documents. A value of 30 will limit your search to documents modified within the last 30 days. A empty field will ignore document dates.

"Search" button

    Click on this when you are done filling in.

"Frame based quick search"

    This divides your screen into two sections. One is used for presenting the links and the other is used for presenting the documents.
    This will make it easier to keep track of visited links and also increase download speed since all graphics are stripped off the pages.
    All pages will have a "normal view" link, so you can easily view them full-screen with graphics.
    We recomend you a high screen resolution to use this service.


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