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The names are all known but rare. Vahbâ(97) is a hypokoristikon of a name Vahballat, "the gift of Allat", 'Abd'áâ(98) of 'Abd'ateh,(99) "the servant of Ateh", and Bùlî(100) of Belnûrî, "Bel is my light": all abbreviations of theophorous names.


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98. Found on an unpublished modius-bust of the first group in commerce in Damascus:
    'Abd'áâ (son of) Vahbhâ", possibly a father of our Vahbâ.
99. Cf. Ephemeris fuer semitische EpigraPkik, 11, p. 78, B, and Cantineau, Revue Biblique, XXXIX, 1930, p. 530, nr. 4A.
100. Cf. Ingholt, Syria, XI, 1930, p. 242.

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