This ostracon has been rightly assigned to the late third or the early fourth century A.D., and by way of illustrating the reading and the reconstruction more fully, I provide below the texts of four contemporary chaff receipts, also from Karanis, which are published here for the first time.

Inv. 9854

Inv. 9297

agent of another brother, Sarapammon, in a transportation receipt (1, 527). Sarapammon is named also in a chaff receipt (1, 190) and in other transportation receipts (II, 919, 920, 925).
58. See n. 39.
59. The dots replace a lost numeral.
60. See n. 59. A collector's signature may be lost at the end of the text. A majority of the chaff receipts bear such signatures, but there is no trace of one in O. Mich., 1, 211 ; 11, 783. On the problem connected with the omission of collectors' signatures from tax receipts see my remarks in TAPA, LXXI, 1940, P. 626, nn. 20, 21 ; CF, XXXIX, 1944, P. 37, n. go.
61. According to P. Cair. Boak, 23= &Eactue;tudes de papyrologie, V, 1939, pp. 95-101, chaff was collected in 31 1 A.D. at the rate of 25 pounds per aroura. Cf. TAPA, LXXII, 1941, P. 449, n. 43
    62. This is the name of the collector. In the same indiction he issued also O. Mich., 11, 782, and in the fifth indiction, I, 199, which resembles Inv. 9854 in the introduction of a second instalment with the words . In 199, 7 should be substituted for the editor's . The three texts, including the signatures, are in three different hands; they were authorized by Uranius, but were written and signed in his name by his assistants. This is sufficient to show that signatures cannot always be taken at face value. Cf. Majer-Leonhard, , Frankfurt, 1913, P. 3, on P. Oxy., I, 71 .
63. This person is one of six in O. Mich., I, 269, who are credited with work on the embankments.
64. A variant spelling of .
65. This collector is not otherwise known.


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