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The Blatchford Collection of Photographs - The complete list

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Number Ph:1/ Title Location or subject Photographer No. in Catalogue of Photographer
BOX 1 :EUROPE :Nos. 1-52 :52 photos  
1s [On mount: Sark (Sarls?)]   Unsigned  
2 [On mount: Bas reliefs on ..? Hotel Bourgthé-roulde. Rouen. France] [Rouen] Unsigned  
3 [At verso of mount: Tour de Jeanne d'Arc. Rouen. She was condemned here] [Rouen] Unsigned  
4l [Oversize: 46x36cm] [on mount: verso: Amabuis? Madonna in Ruth trascept. Laur? Church, Assisi] [Painting] [Assisi] Unsigned 213
5 Baie temple Venus genitrix é Castello Baie Unsigned  
6 [On mount: Florence. (Uffizi). Guiccardini] [Florence] Unsigned  
6bis S.Antonio Portico degli Uffiziz. San Antonino Arcivescovo di Firenze [Florence] C.Dupreacute 1992
7 [On mount: Florence. Pitti. John the Baptist by Andrea del Sarto] [Painting] [Florence] Unsigned 3046
8s Genova: Panorama da Villa Rosazzi Genova Unsigned 4011?
9 [On mount: Monte Cassino. March the 4th 1885- Rocca Panula fortified in the 9th century against the Saracens by Abbot Bertharins] [Panorama] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned [1885?]  
10 [On mount: Monte Cassino] [Panorama] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
11 Monte Cassino (della parte di S. Elia) [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
12bis Same photograph as precedent      
13 Strada vecchia di Mte. Cassino Monte Cassino Unsigned 3555
14 Monastero di Mte. Cassino Monte Cassino Unsigned 3558
15 [On mount: Monte Cassino. Monastery] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned 3561
16 [On mount: Loggia del Paradiso. Monte Cassino] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
17 [On mount: Monte Cassino][Entrance. Court] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
18 [On mount: Chiostro dell'Entrata. Monte Cassino] [Entrance] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned
19 [On mount: Chiostro Superiore. Monte Cassino] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
20 [On mount: Basilica of Monte Cassino][Interior] [Monte Cassino] Unsigned  
21 Naples. Panorama prise de la Chârtreuse S.Martin Napoli Unsigned 3004
22 Naples prise de la mer Napoli Amodio:Atelier Photographie  
23 Tuminello. Roma [Plan] Roma Unsigned  
24 Siracusa. Orecchio di Dionisio Siracusa Unsigned 1383
25 Fort Tigné. Malta Malta Unsigned 1402
26 Fort Ricasoli. Malta Malta Unsigned 1403
27 Public Library. Malta Malta Unsigned 1420
28 Teatro di Malta Malta Unsigned 1429
29 St. Paul's Bay. Malta Malta E. Borg. Photo.  
30 [On mount: St. Paul's Bay. Malta] [Malta] Unsigned  
31 [On mount: Malta. St. Paul's Bay] [Malta] Unsigned  
32 St. Paul's Bay. Malta Malta B. Agius, Photo:  
33 H.M.S. Decoy of St. Paul's Bay. Malta Malta H. Agius, Photo:  
34s [Valetta, Malta, from harbor?] [Malta] Unsigned  
35 Capitania del Puerto y Monjinch [On mount:Barcelona] [Barcelona] J.E.Puig. Escudillers 89?
36 Gran Teatro del Liceo [On mount: Barcelona] [Barcelona] J.E.Puig. Escudillers 89?
37 [On mount: Entrance to the Alhambra]? [Granada] Unsigned  
38 [On mount: Monastery of Mont[t]serrat] [Montserrat] Unsigned  
39 Moreno Carbonero. 1881. Elprincipe D.Carlos de Viana. (1 premio) Exp. an de 1881[Painting] Valladolid J.Laurent y Cia.Madrid  
39l [Oversize, 46x 37 cm]Valladolid. Vista interior dela Biblioteca. Valladolid J.Laurent y Cia.Madrid 82
40 [On mount, verso: Panorama d'Anvers] [Harbor] [Anvers] Unsigned  
41 [On mount, verso: Anvers. La Cathédrale] [Anvers] Unsigned  
42 Athénes (sic) prise de l'Acropole. Grèce Athens Bonfils 547
43 Athénes (sic) . Rocher de l'Aréopage. Grèce Athens Bonfils 534
44 [On mount: Patmos. General view of Harbor] [Patmos] Unsigned  
45 Pathmos. Vue générale du port et de la ville Patmos Bonfils 1277
46 [On mount: Philadelphia. General View] [Greece?] [Philadelphia] Unsigned  
47 [On mount: Philadelphia] [Panorama][Greece?] [Philadelphia] Unsigned  
48 [On mount: Philadelphia. Alacheir. Jacques. Oldest Church] [Greece?] [Philadelphia] Unsigned  
49 [On mount: Ruins of Phillipi] [i.e. Philippi] [Philippi] Unsigned  
50 Rue des Chevaliers à Rhodes Rhodes Bonfils 1285
51 Panorama de Syra Syra Unsigned  
52 Syra. Grèce Syra Bonfils 550
BOX 2 :MECCA and TURKEY :Nos. 53-136 :84 photos.  
53 [On mount: Mecca. The Kaaba] [Mecca] Unsigned  
54s [On mount: Adana] [View with bridge] [Adana] Unsigned  
55s [On mount: Adana. School with Kindergarten [Adana] Unsigned  
56s [on mount, verso: Adana. American Seminary] [Adana] Unsigned  
57 Port d'Alexandrette. Syrie [On mount: Alexandretta harbor] [Iskandarun] Alexandretta Bonfils 496
58 [On mount: Aphrodisias. Ruins of Temple of Venus] [i.e. Geyre: Remains of Temple of Aphrodite] [Aphrodisias] A. Svoboda, Photo.  
59s [On mount: Constantinople] [Panorama with bridge and ships] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
60 [On mount, verso: Old bridge on Golden Horn, Stambul and in distance Mosque of St. Sophia and Sultan Ahmed] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
61 [On mount, verso: Stambul from Pera] [Ships] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
62 [On mount, verso: Spiral column of the tripod from Delphi, 15ft on right Hippodrome Stambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
63 [On mount, verso: Robert College] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
64 [On mount, verso: Part of Wall of Mohamet. Castle of Roumili Hissar Bosphorus] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
65 [On mount, verso: San Sophia Constantinople] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
66 [On mount, verso: Interior of San Sophia, Stambul] [Constantinople] [Sebah & Joaillier]  
67 [On mount, verso: Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, Stambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
68 [On mount, verso: Ginrise Tower Galata][Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
69 [On mount, verso: Fire Tower. Constantinople] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
70 [On mount, verso: Castle of Roumili Hissas, Bosphorus] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
71 [On mount, verso: Hippodrome Constantinople][Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
72 [On mount, verso: Obelisk in Hippodrome, Stambul] [Column of Hippone?] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
73 [On mount, verso: Hippodrome Stambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
74 [on mount, verso: Goatherd] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
75 [On mount, verso: Turkish woman] [Istambul] [Constantinople] Unsigned  
76 Vue générale du fond d'Ephèse Ephesus Rubellin, phot.  
77 Ephèse. vue générale. acqueduc, château, Ephesus Rubellin et Fils
78 Ephèse. Vue générale. Acqueduc, château Ephesus Rubellin
79 Fort[e]resse au centre de la plaine de Ephesus Bonfils 502
80bis [Copy of precedent photograph]      
81 Ephèse. Acqueduc construit avec des débris antiques Ephesus Bonfils 501
82 As...de la fort[e]resse. Ephèse Ephesus Bonfils 503
83 Ephèse. Vue générale des théâtres Ephesus Rubellin, et Fils
84 [On mount: Ephesus, the little theatre] [Ephesus] Unsigned  
85 Ephèse. Ruines du Temple de Diane Ephesus Rubellin et Fils  
86 [On mount: Ephesus. Entrance of the Temple of Lysinacus] [Ephesus] Unsigned  
87 Ephèse. Le Stadium Ephesus Rubellin et Fils  
88 Ephèse. Gymnase Ephesus Rubellin et Fils  
89 Ephèse. Intérieur de St. Jean (Mosquéeturque) Ephesus Rubellin, phot.  
90 Ephèse. Tombeau de St. Luc Ephesus Rubellin et Fils  
91 [On mount: Ephesus. Prison of St. Paul] [Ephesus] Unsigned  
92 [On mount: Ephesus. Theatres and Prison of St. Paul] [Ephesus] Rubellin, phot.  
93 [On mount: Ephesus. Baptisimal Font where St. John baptised the Christians] [Ephesus] Unsigned  
94 [On mount: Maguisa du Meandre. Temple ofJupiter. Germans are excavating now 1897][On verso of photo., stamped: Smyrna] [Maguisa] Unsigned  
95 Port de Mersina (Syrie) [i.e. Turkey] Mersine Bonfils 497
96 [On mount: Pergamus. General view] [Pergamus] Unsigned  
97 [On mount: Pergamus. General View and Acropolis] [Pergamus] Unsigned  
98 Ruines de l'Eglise St. Jean à Pergam Pergamus Bonfils 1269
99bis [Same photograph as precedent]      
100 [On mount: Pergamus. Stadium] [Pergamus] Unsigned  
101 [On mount: Sardis. Valley of...] [Sardis] Unsigned  
102 [On mount: Sardis, Baths, Market place andTheatre] [Sardis] Unsigned  
103 [On mount: Sardis. Ruins] [Sardis] Unsigned  
104 On mount: Sardis. Columns of the Temple of Cybele and ravine of Ratulé] [Sardis] Unsigned  
105s [Blue print] [On mount: Marissa near Smyrna. Greek church] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
106s [On mount: Mr. Barttet's (?) House] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
107 Smyrne de la ville pris du Mt. Pagus Smyrna Rubellin et Fils  
108 [On mount: Smyrna] [Panorama] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
109 [on mount: Smyrna] [Panorama with ships in harbor] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
110 [On mount: Smyrna. Quays] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
111 [On mount: Smyrna. Quay] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
112 [On mount: Smyrna. Head of the Gulf...] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
113 Smyrne. Tombeau de Ste. Polycarpe sue le Mt. Pagus Smyrna Rubellin et Fils  
114 [On mount: Smyrna. Bridge of Caravano] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
115 Smyrne. Acqueduc du vallon de Ste. Anne Smyrna Rubellin et Fils  
116 [On mount: Smyrna. Buildings of the American High School for Boys] [and students in courtyard] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
117 [On mount: Smyrna. [Eleven] Masters in American High School for Boys] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
118 [on mount: Smyrna. "Huntington Kindergarten"] [Building entrance] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
119 [On mount: Smyrna. "Huntington Kindergarten"] [Children at windows] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
120 [On mount: Smyrna. "Huntington Kindergarten" gardens] [Smyrna] Unsigned  
121 (Taurus) [on mount: Tarsus. View of Ghenzaré] Tarsus-Taurus Unsigned  
122 [On mount: Tarsus] [Panorama] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
123 [On mount: Tarsus. Dibili-Tach] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
124 [On mount: Tarsus. Interior of the Tomb of Sardanapole] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
125 [On mount: Tarsus. Exterior of Tomb of Sardanapole] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
126 [On mount: Tarsus. Roman Gate...] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
127 [On mount: Tarsus. Gate of St. Paul] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
128 [On mount: Tarsus. Well of St. Paul] [Tarsus] Unsigned  
129s [On mount: Tarsus. Source of Cydnus] [With man and woman] [Tarsus/Cydnus river] Unsigned  
130s [On mount: Tarsus. Cascade of the Cydnus] [Tarsus/Cydnus river] Unsigned  
131 Chûtes du Cydnus près de [T]arse Tarsus/Cydnus river Bonfils 1265
132 [On mount: Tarsus: Roman bridge over the Cydnus] [Tarsus/Cydnus river] Unsigned  
133 [On mount: Tarsus View of the falls of the Cydnus] [Tarsus/Cydnus river] Unsigned  
134s [On mount, verso: Thyatira] [View] [Thyhatira] Unsigned  
135sbis [Same photograph as precedent]      
136 [On mount: Thyhatira. General view] [Thyhatira] Unsigned  
BOX 3 : CYPRUS and SYRIA :Nos. 137-168 :32 photos  
137 Chypre, Larnaca Larnaca Bonfils 504
138 Chûte du Barrada dans l'Anti-Liban Anti-liban/Barada Bonfils 812
139 Anti-Liban. Vue générale de Souk-Wadi-Barrada Anti-Liban/Barada Bonfils 810
140 Banias. Pont et porte de l'anciennce ville Banias Bonfils 374
141 (Banias). General view of the ruins of the fortress Banias Bonfils 1064
142 Damas, vue prise de Salhieh Damascus S. Hakim  
143 Damas et le Barrada Damascus Bonfils 783
144 Damas. Mur de St. Paul Damascus S. Hakim  
145 Damas: Porte du Mur de St. Paul Damascus S. Hakim  
146 Damas. L'Arc de Triomphe Damascus S. Hakim  
147 Damas. Court [i.e. Cour] de la grande Mosquée Damascus S. Hakim  
148s [On mount: Damascus. In the court of the Great Mosque] [Damascus] Unsigned  
149s [On mount: Damascus. Court of the Great Mosque] [Damascus] Unsigned  
150 [On mount: Damascus. The great Plan...Tree] [Damascus] Unsigned  
151s [On mount: Hauran. Temple of Bacchus] [with Druze sheikh] [Hawran] Unsigned  
152s [On mount: Hauran] [Ruins] [Hawran] Unsigned  
153s [On mount: Hauran] [Ruins] [Hawran] Unsigned  
154s [On mount: Hauran] [Six columns] [Hawran] Unsigned  
155 Haouran. Es Sanamein. Ruines d'un ancien temple Hawran Bonfils 1467
156 Mausolée en forme de tour. Haouran Hawran Bonfils  
157 Ruines d'une ancienne église à Laodicée [Ruins of an old church at Ladkieh] [Ladkieh] Bonfils 1273
158 [On mount: Laodicea (Latakieh). Ruins of the Amphitheatre] [Ladkieh] [Ladkieh] Unsigned  
159 [On mount: Meteline. General View of the Harbor] [Meteline] Unsigned  
160 Mikmas (Mouchmas) Mikmas Unsigned 1241?
161a [On mount: Syria. Zabadani] [Zabadani] Unsigned  
161b [On mount: Syria. Anti-Liban. Vue generale de Zabdani] [Zabadani] Bonfils 813  
162 Chameliers en marche dans le désert [Syria?/People] Bonfils 703
163 Syrienne marchande de volailles [and adolescent boy] [Syria?/People] Bonfils 604
164 [On mount: Arab women] [Four Bedouins] [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
165s [On mount: Syria. Arab girl] [with headdress and ornaments] [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
166s [On mount: Syria. An Arab Sheikh] [on donkey] [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
167 [On mount: Arab writer Bab el Ouady [Wadi]. Syria] [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
168 feeding the sheep [Two children] [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
168s Rev. Cyril (great friend of Mr. Blatchford), afterwards Patriarch Juregh II (died 1949); and his parents [Syria?/People] Unsigned  
BOX 4 :LEBANON:A-B :Nos. 169-224 :56 photos  
169 Baalbek. Vue générale Baalbek Unsigned  
170 Baalbek. La Carrière [The Quarry] Baalbek Unsigned  
171s [On mount: Baalbek. Portico of the Temple of the Sun] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
172s [On mount: Baalbek. Corner of the Temple of Jupiter] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
173 Baalbek. Temple de Jupiter, côté est Baalbek Unsigned  
174s [On mount: Baalbek. Gate of the Subterrain Passage] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
175s [On mount: Baalbek] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
176 Baalbek. L' ...? Baalbek Unsigned  
177 Baalbek. Les Propylées Baalbek Unsigned  
178 Baalbek. Niche de l'Octogon Baalbek Unsigned  
179 Baalbek. Murs cyclopéens Baalbek Unsigned  
180 Baalbek. Chapiteaux de Troanos Baalbek Unsigned  
181s [On mount, verso: Temple of Venus. Baalbek] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
182 Baalbek. Coupole de (Leris)? Baalbek Unsigned  
183 Baalbek. La Mosquée [Right side of mount wanting] Baalbek Unsigned  
184 Baalbek. Avenue allant à la source de Razel-Ain [i.e. Ras-el-Ain] Baalbek Bonfils 820
185s [On mount: Baalbek. Fountain of Ras-el-Ain] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
186s [On mount: Baalbek. Avenue by the fountain] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
187s [On mount: British Syrian School] [Baalbek] [Baalbek] Unsigned  
188 Vue sur Beyrouth et la mer prise de Broumana Beirut Bonfils 1493
189 [On mount: Pigeon Island near Beyrout] [Rawcheh] [Beirut] Unsigned  
190 Grotte de Pigeon (Beyrouth) [Rawcheh] Beirut [Sabounji?] 47
191 [On mount: Lime Rocks near Beyrout] [Rawcheh?] [Beirut] Unsigned  
192 Beyrouth vu du Collège Americain Beirut Bonfils 488
193 Beyrouth. Vue générale Beirut [Dumas?] 22
194 Beyrouth. R... de...[Sea coast near Zeituni] Beirut [Dumas or Sabounji?]  
195 Beyrouth. no. 3 Beirut Dumas. Ph. 1889. 23
196 Beyrouth et le Liban (Syrie) Beirut Bonfils 1256
197 Vue de Beyrouth [American Mission Church] Beirut Unsigned  
198 Eglise Anglo-Américaine, Beyrouth [i.e. American Mission Church] Beirut Dumas, Ph.  
199 Beyrout et Mont Liban Beirut Dumas, Ph. 1889 16
200 Collège des Dames de Nazareth [Beirut] [Beirut] Dumas, Ph.  
201s [On mount: Beyrouth. The Pines] [Beirut] [Dumas?]
202 Vue de Beyrouth et jardin de Rustein Pacha Beirut Bonfils 489bis
203s Beyrout [Ice cream seller] [Beirut] [Dumas?]  
204s [On mount: Syrian Protestant College. Commercial School] [College Hall & Ada Dodge Hall] [Beirut] [Beirut/SPC] Unsigned  
205s [On mount: L'Université Américaine. Beyrout. La Bibliothèque] [College Hall] [Syrian Protestant College] [Built 1871-1873] [Beirut/SPC] Unsigned  
206s [On mount: College Hall][& students] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1871- 1873] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
207s [On mount: Medical Hall] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1873] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
208s [On mount: Ada Dodge Memorial Hall] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1873] [Beirut/SPC] StudioSarrafian Bros. Beirut  
209s [On mount: Observatory] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1874] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
210s [On mount: Observatory-Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1874] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
211s [On mount: President's House and Observatory] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Marquand House built 1879] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
212 [On mount: Library, College Chapel, Mountains of Lebanon, Beyrout] [College Hall] [Syrian Protestant College] [Beirut/SPC] Unsigned  
213s [On mount: Chapel] [and rear of Post Hall][Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built1891] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
214s [On mount: The Chapel interior] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1891] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
215s [On mount: Chemical Laboratory, then School of Pharmacy] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1893] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
216s [On mount: Daniel Bliss Hall-Preparatory Dept.] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut][Built 1900] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
217s [On mount: Pliny Fisk Hall. Preparatory Dept. Dormitary] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1901] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
218s [On mount: George E. Post Science Hall] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Built 1902] [Beirut/SPC] Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut  
219s [Encased model of campus: Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Beirut/SPC] Unsigned  
220s [On mount: Model of Campus] [Syrian Protestant College, Beirut] [Beirut/SPC] Unsigned  
221 [Commemoration plate of room where Bible was translated into Arabic by Ely Smith and Cornelius Van Dyck] [Beirut/SPC] Melkonian Bros.  
222s [On mount: Baths of Btedden [i.e. Beit ed Din] ] Beiteddin Unsigned  
223 Mont Liban. Beit-Eddin [Palace with guards] Beiteddin Dumas Ph.1889  
224 [On mount: Pines near Broumana] [Broumana] Unsigned  
BOX 5 :LEBANON :C-Z :Nos.225-255 :31photos  
225 Vue générale de la forêt des Cèidres du Liban Cedars Bonfils 1071?
226 Groupe de Cèdres dans la forêt du Liban Cedars Bonfils 472
227 Cèdres du Mont [Liban] Cedars Unsigned [Dumas, Ph.?]  
228 [On mount: Camp at the Cedars] [Cedars] Unsigned  
229 Cèdres du Mont Liban [Branch and cones] Cedars Dumas, Ph. 889
230 Vue générale de Hasroun. Mt Liban Hasrun Bonfils 1075
231 Vue des couvents de Diman et de Kanobin. Mt. Liban Kanubin Bonfils 1076?
232 Naba el Labben. Pont Naturel pris de face Nab'el Laban Bonfils 1081
233s [On mount, verso: Nabi Sasse[?] Liban] [Nabi Sasse?] Unsigned  
234 Inscriptions au fleuve du Chien [Nahr elKalb, with two men in sharwals] [Nahr el Kalb] Bonfils 1254
235 [On mount: Ras Baalbeck. Two photographs. 1. House and adjacent school in details. 2. Panorama] [Ras Baalbek] Unsigned  
236 [On mount: Gerard Institute. Sidon] [Students in Khimbaze lined up on roof of building] [Saida] Unsigned  
237 [On mount: Boys on the Farm of the Gerard Institute. Sidon] [Saida] Unsigned  
238 [On mount: Sidon Orphanage] [Saida] Unsigned  
239 [On mount: The Orphanage. Sidon] [Children in dormitory] [Saida] Unsigned  
240 [On mount: Street in Sidon] [Arcades, merchants] [Saida] Unsigned  
241 Site of Sarepta (Sarfend) Sarafand Unsigned [Bonfils?] 1246
242 Two photographs on mount: 1. Suk al Ghurub [i.e. Gharb]. Mt. Lebanon. 2. Mrs. Bird's Home. Abeih] [Suk el Gharb/ Abeih] Unsigned  
243 Port de Tripoli [Title taken from same picture published in another source] [Ships, merchandise, people] Tripoli Bonfils 495
244 General view of Tyre [Sour] Tyre Bonfils 370
245s [On mount: Tyre] [Harbor, mosque] [Sour] [Tyre] Unsigned  
246 Roman bridge over the Leontes, near Tyre [Sour/Litani] Tyre/Litani Bonfils 1046
247 Cascade dans le Liban. Syrie Lebanon/Sceneries Bonfils 477
248 Gorge dans le Liban-Syrie Lebanon/Sceneries Bonfils 478
249s [On mount: Lebanon. Chief of a tribe. Camil bey Assad [on decorated horse with riflemen in shirwal and khimbaz] [Lebanon/ People] Unsigned  
250s [On mount: Lebanon. Wassa Pasha and his grand... ][Eight officers in official suits] [Lebanon/People] Unsigned  
251s [On mount: Syrians] [Three seated men of three generations] [Lebanon/ People] Unsigned  
252s ... Mont Liban [Portrait of bearded man in shreads and rope around neck] [Lebanon/People] Dumas Pht. 2181
253s Arabe Druse du Mont Liban [Girl with tantour] [Lebanon/People ] Dumas Pht. 1889 2080
254 Gathering olives [Lebanon?/People] Unsigned  
255 Paysanne syrienne [i.e. libanaise] cuisant son pain sur le saj [Lebanon/People] Bonfils 728?
BOX 6 :PALESTINE:A-I :Nos. 256-328 :73 photos.  
256 Village d'Abrigos, route de Jaffa [Abrigos] Zangaki 1150
257s [on mount: Acre] [General view] [Acca] Unsigned  
258 Acre, ancient Ptolemais, general view Acca Bonfils 369
259 Ruins of Ascalon Ascalon Bonfils 1020
260 General view of Azot(Esdud) [Asdud] Bonfils 1019
261 Vue sur le lac Asphaltite Asphaltite Lake Bonfils 910
262 Ruins of the castle of Athlit, taken from south. Athlit Bonfils 955
263 General view of Betogabra (Beit-Djibrin) Beit-Djibrin Bonfils 1028
264 Caves of the Horites at Beit-Djibrin Beit-Djibrin Bonfils  
265 Ancient mill at Beit-Djibrin Beit-Djibrin Bonfils 1030
266s [On photograph: Bethany] [Bethany] Unsigned  
267 Tombeau de Lazare à Béthanie Bethany Bonfils 760
268 Béthanie Panorama Bethany Zangaki 1140
269 Bethsaida and sea of Galilee Beitsaida Bonfils 1051
270 Beittin (Bethel) general view Beittin Bonfils 347
271 Route de Bethlehem prise de la porte de Jaffa-Jerusalem Bethlehem Bonfils 888
272 Couvent de Saint-Elie sur la route de Bethlehem, Palestine Bethlehem Bonfils 890
273 Colonie Allemande sur la route de Bethlehem Bethlehem Zangaki 1103
274 Vasques de Salomon près Bethlehem [Salomon's Pools] Bethlehem Zangaki 1121
275 Village des Pasteurs, Palestine [Bethlehem] Bonfils 894
276s [On photograph: Bethlehem] [Panorama] Bethlehem Unsigned  
277 Panorama de Bethlehem, la ville Bethlehem Bonfils 332
278 Panorama de Bethle[h]em Bethlehem Zangaki 1160
279 Vue générale de Bethlehem et de l'Eglise de la Nativité Bethlehem Bonfils 330
280 (Bethlehem). Intérieur de la Grotte du Lait Bethlehem Zangaki 1119
281 Church of the Nativity, interior [On mount: Bethlehem] [Bethlehem] Bonfils 334
282 Cave of the Nativity: the manger [On mount: Bethlehem] [Bethlehem] Bonfils  
283 Palestine. Eglise de Nativité [Bethlehem] [Bethlehem] Bonfils  
284 Grotte de la nativité à Bethlehem Bethlehem Bonfils 335
285 Bethlehem, Entrée de la Grotte du Laib... Bethlehem Zangaki 1118
286 Bethle[h]em. Grotte des Pasteurs Bethlehem Unsigned 7?
287 Tombeau de Rachel près Bethlehem Bethlehem Zangaki 1101?
288 Jeune femme de Bethlehem [Woman with headdress and ornaments] Bethlehem Bonfils 635
289 Palestine. Vue générale de Canalin [?] (Galilée) Canalin Bonfils 558
290 View of mount Carmel and the sea Carmel Bonfils 958
291 Bay of Kaiffa [i.e. Haifa] and convent of mount Carmel Carmel Bonfils 959
292 [Colored] Mont Carmel Carmel P.Z. 15,076
293 The pier, inside the harbour (Césarée) Cesarea Bonfils 951
294 The pier, St. Paul's prison. Césarée Cesarea Bonfils 953
295 La Mer Morte - Palestine Dead Sea Bonfils 341
296 The Dead Sea and the hills of Judea Dead Sea Bonfils 911
297 Mer Morte vue d'Engeddi-Judée Dead Sea Bonfils 1032
298 Dead Sea near Engeddi Dead Sea Bonfils 1033
299 Village d'Emmaüs, route de Jaffa [Amwas] Emmaüs Zangaki 1149?
300 Palestine. Vue générale d'Endor Endor Bonfils 944
301 Le djébel Mountar pris de Gaza. Judée Gaza Bonfils 1024
302 Vue générale de Gaza. Judée Gaza Bonfils 1021
303 Paysan des plaines de la Judée labourant son champ [Gaza] [Gaza] Bonfils ?
304s [On mount: Haifa] [Haifa] Unsigned  
305 General view of Kaiffa [i.e. Haifa] [Haifa] Bonfils 956
306s [On mount: Hebron] [Panorama] [Hebron] Unsigned  
307 General view of Hebron Hebron Bonfils 338
308 Mount Hermon Hermon Bonfils 377
309 [Colored] Vue depuis le Tabor sur la plaine Saron - Galilée et le Mont Hermon Hermon P.Z. 15,149
310 View over the lake of Houleh, or waters of Meiroum Huleh Bonfils 1054
311 View of Jaffa from the gardens [Yafa] Jaffa Unsigned [Bonfils?] 237
312 Panorama de Jaffa..., les rochers [Yafa] Jaffa Bonfils 1537
313s [On mount: Jaffa] [Yafa: houses by the seaside] [Jaffa] Unsigned  
314 (Jaffa) Maison de Saint Pierre [Yafa] Jaffa Zangaki 1158
315 (Jaffa) Fontaine d'Abou-Nabout [Yafa] Jaffa Zangaki 1155
316s Jaffa. Drogman Arab [Yafa] Jaffa Dumas Pht. 1889 2064
317s [On mount: Near Jericho] [Ariha] [Jericho] Unsigned  
318 General view of Jericho taken from the plain [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 906
319 Jéricho, vue générale. Palestine [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 348?
320 Palestine. Vue générale de Jéricho pris de la tour [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 907
321 Vue générale de Jéricho. Palestine [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 906?
322 Jericho Panorama [Ariha] Jericho Zangaki 1113
323 Vue de Jéricho [Ariha] Jericho Zangaki 113?
324 La Fontaine d'Elisée [Jericho=Ariha] [Jericho] Bonfils 345
325 La Fontaine d'Elisée [On mount: Jericho] [Ariha] [Jericho] Zangaki 1136
326 Convoi de chameaux sur la route de Jéricho [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 754
327 Tombeau des Apôtres sur la route de Jéricho[Ariha] Jericho Zangaki 1137
328 ... près de Jéricho [On mount: Wady el-Kelt. Convent of St. Elia] [Ariha] Jericho Bonfils 1045?
BOX 7 :PALESTINE: JERUSALEM :Nos. 329-393 :65 photos  
329 Mount of Beatitudes [Environments] Unsigned [Bonfils?] 365
330 Spot of the temptation on Mount of Temptation [with man on donkey] [Environments] Bonfils 909
331 Jérusalem. Vallée des cendres [Valley of the ashes] [Environments] Bonfils 881
332 Vallée de Josaphat [on mount: Jerusalem] [Environments] Bonfils 290
333 Jérusalem. Champ du sang ou vallée de Hinam [Environments] Bonfils 317
334 Champ de Haceldama [On mount: Jerusalem] [Environments] Bonfils 318
335 Valley of the Tyropeon [on mount: Jerusalem] [Environments] Bonfils 329
336 Jérusalem (Environs) Gethsémani et le mont des oliviers Environments L.Fiorillo. Phot. 162
337 [On mount: The Gardens of Gethsemane. Mt. of Olives] [Environments] Bonfils 303
338 (Jérusalem) Gethsemani, Arbre de l'agonie [Environments] Zangaki 1009
339 (Jérusalem) Olivier de Jardin de Gethsémané [Olive -tree in the garden of Gethsemane] [Environments] Zangaki 1008
340 Olive-tree in the garden de Gethsemane[Jerusalem] [Environments] Bonfils 305
341l Jerusalem Panorama [oversize triptych on three boards each measuring 5lx37cm] [On board 1:] 1. Tombeau de Davide [sic]. 2. Porte Mont Sion. 3. Porte Dorée. 4. Mosquée El-Akza. 5. Mosquée d'Omar. [On board 2:] 1. Couvent Russe. 2. Mai Panorama Dumas Phot. Beyrouth 1894  
342 General view of Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus Panorama Bonfils 302
343 Vue de Jérusalem, prise du Mont des Oliviers Panorama Bonfils 301
344 Vue de Jérusalem prise sur le Bethesda [On mount: Mosque of Omar] Panorama Unsigned [Zangaki?] 1027?
345 [On mount: Jerusalem] [Panorama] Bonfils 298
346 [On mount: Jerusalem] [Panorama] Unsigned  
347 Panorama de Jérusalem pris du nord Panorama Bonfils 839
348 Panorama de Jérusalem pris du Clocher St. Sauveur Panorama Bonfils 842 No. 1
349 [On mount: Jerusalem] [Panorama] [Panorama] Unsigned  
350 (Jerusalem) Tombeau de Juifs Tombs Zangaki 1144
351 Pont sur le torrent du Cédron [Abraham's Tomb] [Tombs] Bonfils 311
352 Tombeau d'Absalon [on mount: Jerusalem] Tombs Bonfils 324
353 Jérusalem. Tombeau des Rois, grottes etl'entrée de la cour Tombs Bonfils 887
354s Tombeau des Rois, cour intérieure - Jérusalem Tombs Bonfils 30
355 Ancien tombeau creusé dans le rocher à Jérusalem Tombs Bonfils 886
356 Grotte de Jerémie et couvent Saint-Etienne àJérusalem Grottos Bonfils 883
357 Jérusalem. Grotte de Jérémie Grottos Bonfils 322
358 Stables of Salomon [On mount: Jerusalem] Stables Bonfils 865
359 Pool of Bethesda, new excavations [on mount: Jerusalem] Pools Bonfils 1215
360 (Jérusalem) Porte dorée. Façade Gates Zangaki 1037
361 Porte dorée intérieure. Jérusalem [On mount: The Golden gate from inside the Temple enclosure] Gates Bonfils  
362 (Jérusalem) Porte de Sainte-Etienne [Saint Stephen's Gate] Gates Zangaki 1040
363 The Damascus gate [on mount: Jerusalem] Gates Bonfils 287
364 Tower of David and Hippicus [Jerusalem] Towers Bonfils 251
365 (Jérusalem). Tour de David Towers Zangaki 1034?
366 Une Rue à Jérusalem [Jerusalem street, with people] Streets Zangaki 1043?
367 Une Rue à Jérusalem [Jerusalem street, with people] Streets Zangaki 1044
368 Lane leading to Herod's palace [on mount: Jerusalem] Streets Bonfils 259
369 (Jérusalem) Ruelle allant au palais d'Hérode [Lane leading to Herod's palace] Streets Zangaki 1097
370 (Jérusalem) Voie douloureuse et maison de Pilate Via Dolorosa Zangaki 1101
371 (Jérusalem) Arc de l'Ecce Homo [On mount: Arch of Pilate on Via Dolorosa] [Via Dolorosa] Zangaki 1099
372 Arch of "Ecce Homo" [on mount: Jerusalem] Ecce Homo Bonfils 252
373 Jérusalem. Intérieur de l'Ecce Homo Ecce Homo Bonfils 253
374s [On mount: Jerusalem verso: Piscine de Sekias?] [Holy Sepulchre] Unsigned
375 ... [On mount: Jerusalem. Church of the Holy Sepulchre] [Holy Sepulchre] Zangaki  
376 Façade of the Holy Sepulchre [Jerusalem] Holy Sepulchre Bonfils 246
377 XIV Station. Porte du Sépulcre intérieur [on mount: Jerusalem] Holy Sepulchre Bonfils 271
378 Interior of the Holy Sepulchre [On mount: Jerusalem] Holy Sepulchre Bonfils 249
379 [On mount: Jerusalem. Church of the HolySepulchre] [Holy Sepulchre] Unsigned  
380 Greek Cathedral, in the basilica [On mount: Jerusalem] [Holy Sepulchre] Bonfils 853
381 Chapelle de Sainte-Hélène dans la basilique du Saint Sépulchre Holy Sepulchre Bonfils 855
382 Jérusalem. Le lavement des pieds des Grecs dans la Cour du St. Sépulcre [The washing of feet of the Greeks in the court of the Holy Se ulchre] Holy Sepulchre L. Fiorillo, Phot. 130
383 Eglise Sainte-Anne, vue générale de Jérusalem Churches Bonfils 255
384 Jérusalem. Eglise du Pater. Palestine Churches Bonfils 296
385 Jérusalem. Eglise du Pater, intérieur. Palestine Churches Bonfils 297
386 (Jérusalem) Eglise Russe sur le mont de Oliviers Churches Zangaki 1016
387 (Jérusalem). Couvent Arménien Churches Zangaki 1042
388 [On mount: Jerusalem] Churches Unsigned  
389 (Jérusalem). Intérieur de la maison du Kaiphe. [on mount: House of Caiphas] Houses Zangaki 1067?
390 (Jérusalem) Maison de Pilate Houses Zangaki 1066
391 Jérusalem. Maison de Ste Véronique... Houses Bonfils 265
392s [On mount: Gordon's Calvary. Jerusalem] [Gordon's Calvary] Unsigned  
393 [On mount: Gordon's Calvary. Jerusalem] [Gordon's Calvary] Unsigned  
BOX 8 :PALESTINE:JERUSALEM (cont'd) - PALESTINE:Jez-Z and JORDAN :Nos. 394-469s :76 photos.  
394 (Jérusalem) Mosquée d'Omar et Quartier Turc [Dome of the Rock] Zangaki ...
395 General view of the mosque of Omar [Jerusalem] [Dome of the Rock] Bonfils 278
396 [On mount: Jerusalem. Dome of the Rock] [Dome of the Rock] Unsigned  
397 Interior of the mosque of Omar: the Rock [On mount: Jerusalem] [Dome of the Rock] Unsigned [Bonfils?] 279
398 El-Aksa mosque [on mount: Jerusalem] Al-Aqsa Mosque Bonfils 282
399s Jérusalem, Détails intérieurs de la mosquée El Aksa El-Aqsa Mosque Bonfils 863
400 Detail de la chaire d'Omar ... [Al-Haram ash-Sharif: the court] [Al-Haram ash-Sharif: the Court] Bonfils 861
401 The pulpit of Cadi Borhan-ed-Din, side view [on mount: Jerusalem] [Al-Haram Ash-Sharif: the Court] [Al-Haram ash-Sharif: the Court] Unsigned Bonfils? 1217
402s [On mount: Jerusalem] [Al-Haram ash-Sharif: the Court] [Al-Haram ash-Sharif: the Court] Unsigned  
403s [On mount, verso: Porte dorée à Jérusalem] [Muslim cemetery outside the Golden Gate] [Muslim Cemetery] Unsigned  
404s "Like as corn is sifted in a sieve" Amos [Two women sifting grain in munkhols on hasirah] [Jerusalem/ People] Unsigned  
405 Indigènes moulant du blé à Jérusalem [Two women, one boy, a pivotal grinding stone, wheat and scale with weights] Jerusalem/People Bonfils 767
406 Groupe de lépreux à Jerusalem [A group of lepers in Jerusalem] Jerusalem/People Bonfils 751
407s [On mount: Jerusalem] [Jerusalem] Unsigned  
408s [On mount: Jerusalem] [Jerusalem] Unsigned  
409s [On mount: Jerusalem] [Jerusalem] Unsigned  
410 (Jérusalem) Jerusalem Zangaki ...
411 [On mount: Jerusalem] [Jerusalem] Unsigned  
PALESTINE : Jez to Z        
412 Jezraël (Ker-Aïn) Jezraël Bonfils 349
413 Bir-Ayoub ou puits de Job Job's Well Bonfils 319?
414 Resting place of the travellers on the shores of the Jordan Jordan River Bonfils 915
415 The sources of the Jordan at Banias Jordan River Bonfils 376
416 The Jordan. Shepherds fording with their cattle Jordan River Bonfils 919
417 The Jordan issuing from the lake of Tiberias Jordan River Bonfils 947
418 Ile dans le Jordain [Island in the river Jordan] Jordan River Zangaki 1131
419 Le Jourdain Jordan River Unsigned [Bonfils?] 342
420 Bridge on the Jordan Jordan River Bonfils 922
421 Khan-el-Ahmar sur la route de Jericho Khan-el-Ahmar Bonfils 1044
422s [On mount: Lydda] [Panorama with mosque in background] [Lydda] Unsigned  
423 Lydda: general view Lydda Bonfils 243
424 View of Medjdel (ancient Magdala) Magdala Bonfils 949
425s [On mount: Convent of Mar-Saba] [Mar-Saba Convent] Unsigned  
426 Couvent de Mar-Saba, vue générale, les deux tours Mar-Saba Convent Bonfils 899
427 Ruins of the fortress of Massada [with Bedouins] Massada Bonfils 1035
428 Palestine. Ruines des églises Ste. Marie sur le Mt. Garizim Mount Garizim Bonfils ..28?
429 [Colored] Naplouse et le Mont Garizim [On mount: Nablus and Mount Garizim] Nablus P.Z. 10,05
430 General view of Naplouse and Mount Garizim [Nablus] Nablus Bonfils 926
431 General view of Naplouse and Mount Ebal [Nablus] Nablus Bonfils 927
432 The valley of Naplouse (Neapolis) (Sichem)[Nablus] Nablus Bonfils 354
433 Palestine. Tombeau du Patriarche Joseph près de Naplouse [Nablus] Nablus Bonfils 925
434 Palestine. Couvent latin et Casa Nova àNazareth [Nasra] Nazareth Bonfils 934
435 Palestine. Intérieur de l'Eglise de l'Anonciation á Nazareth [Nasra] Nazareth Unsigned [Bonfils?] 357
436 Palestine. Intérieur de la chapelle Mensa Christi à Nazareth [Nasra] Nazareth Bonfils 96
437 The mount Nébo [At east of Dead Sea] Nebo Mount Bonfils 971
438 Ruins of Rabbath-Moab [At east of Dead Sea] Rabbath-Moab Bonfils 969
439s [On mount: Ramleh] [General view] [Ramleh] Unsigned  
440 Ramleh: general view from the tower Ramleh Bonfils 1199
441 Tower of the fo[u]rty martyrs at Ramleh Ramleh Bonfils 242
442s [On mount: Red Sea] [Red Sea] Unsigned  
443 General view of Samaria (Sebaste) [West Bank] Samaria Bonfils 351
444 Puits de la Samaritaine [Samaritan's Well, with people] Samaritan's Well Bonfils 350
445 Vue générale de Siloé Silo Bonfils 315
446 Palestine. Ancienne mosquée à Silo (Seiloun) [Old mosque at Silo] Silo Bonfils 924
447 Saint-Jean-du-Désert, vue générale St-Jean-du-Désert Bonfils 896
448 Palestine. Vue de Sunam Sunam Bonfils 933
449 View of Tiberias from the west Tabarayya Bonfils 362
450 Palestine. tibériade à vol d'oiseau Tabarayya Bonfils 945
451 Vue de Tibériade à vol d'oiseau.-Bird's-eye view of Tiberias [with man in koufieh] Tabarayya Bonfils 945[bis]
452 General view of Tiberias, looking from the fort Tabarayya Unsigned [Bonfils?] 363
453 Baths of Emmaus, the lake of Tiberias with the city Tabarayya Bonfils 948
454 [Colored) Mont Tabor Tabor Mount P.Z. 15,063
455 Mount Tabor and plain of Esdraelon [camels and people] Tabor Mount Unsigned [Bonfils?] 359
456 Mount Tabor Tabor Mount Bonfils 360
457 Mont Thabor [with two men in abayas] Tabor Mount Bonfils 360[bis]
458 Palestine. Ruines de l'Eglise de la Transfiguration sur le Thabor [with Franciscan monk] Tabor Mount Bonfils 361
459 Muezzins annonçant l'heure de la prière [Muezzins standing at minaret] [Palestine/People] Bonfils 730
460 Grand Chech [i.e. Sheikh] arabe [Portrait] [Palestine/People] Zangaki 1891? 862
461 [On mount: Sheikh arabe] [Sheikh on donkey, with palmtrees] [Palestine/People] Unsigned  
462 Groupe d'â ïnes [on mount: Palestine] [Palestine/People] Bonfils 774
463 Westerley view of Amman Amman Bonfils 979
464s [On photograph: Amphitheatre. Jerash] [Jerash] Unsigned  
465s [On mount: Jerash. Moab. Peribolos] [Jerash] Unsigned  
466s [On mount: Moab. Jerash. Temple of Jupiter] [Jerash] Unsigned  
467s [On mount: Moab. Temple of Sun. Jerash] [Jerash] Unsigned  
468s [On mount: Jerash. Temple of Diana] [Jerash] Unsigned  
469s [On mount: The Arch of Triumph. Jerash] [Jerash] Unsigned  
BOX 9 :EGYPT:A-B :Nos. 470-520 :51photos.  
EGYPT : A-B        
470 Abydos (façade du temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 707
471 Abydos: colonade 2. Salle hypostyle (temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 708
472 Abydos. Annexe de la salle d'Osiris(temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 710
473 Abydos: Chambre Amon. les barques Sacrées (temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 712
474 Abydos: table planche II (temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 714
475 Abydos: table planche III (temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 715
476 Abydos: 2éme Salle. Bas-relief (temple de Seti I) Abydos J. P. Sebah 720
477 Abydos: temple de Seti I 2éme Salle: Bas-Relief. Abydos J.P. Sebah 788?
478 Abydos: Portrait de Seti I (temple de Seti I) Abydos J.P. Sebah 711
479 Séti I [Abydos] Unsigned 385
480 Séti I [Abydos] Unsigned 385
481s Alexandrie. - Panorama Alexandria Fiorillo Phot. 148
482 Alexandrie. Aiguille de Cléopâ ï tre [Obelisk] Alexandria L. Fiorillo, Phot. 2
483s Alexandrie. - Le Canal Mahmoudieh Alexandria Unsigned Fiorillo? 22
484s Alexandrie. - Les Harems au bord du Canal Alexandria Unsigned L.Fiorillo? 29
485 Alexandrie. Le Fort Napoléon Alexandria L.Fiorillo, Phot. 30
486s Alexandrie. - Les Moulins du Gabari Alexandria Unsigned [Fiorillo?] 39
487s Alexandrie. - Les Moulins du Gabari Alexandria Unsigned [Fiorillo?] 40
488 Alexandrie. Le phare vu des Catacombes duMex Alexandria Fiorillo Phot. 90
489 Alexandrie. La cour du Palais de Ras-el-Tin Alexandria Fiorillo, Phot. 95
490s Alexandrie. - Le Cimetière protestant Alexandria L.Fiorillo, Phot. 99
491s Alexandrie, Le Dock Flottant Alexandria L. Fiorillo, Phot. 119
492s Alexandrie. - Le Phare Alexandria Fiorillo, Phot. 134
493s Alexandrie. Colonne Pompée et CimetièreArabe Alexandria Fiorillo Phot. 140
494 [On mount: Assuan. Vue prise du mont Dagoog] [Aswan] Unsigned  
495 [On mount: Assuan] [Aswan] Unsigned  
496 [On mount: Assuan. View from the South] [Aswan] Unsigned  
497 Konosso. les Rochers & Cataracte d'Assouan Aswan J.P. Sebah 912
498 [On mount: Assuan. Entrance of the Temple] [Aswan] A. Beato [reversed signature]  
499 [On mount: Assuan. Interior of a room called Mauise] [Aswan] Unsigned [A.Beato?]  
500 [On mount: Assuan. Island of Bigeh, opposite Philae] [Aswan/Bijeh Isl.] A. Beato  
501 Elephantine Isl. Aswan/Elephantine Isl. Zangaki 1062
502 [On mount: Assuan. Island of Elephantine with Badis] [Aswan/Elephantine Isl.] A. Beato  
503 Phylae. Vue prise des Cataractes Aswan/Philae Isl. J.P. Sebah 872?
504 [On mount: Assuan, Philai. View from the South] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Unsigned  
505 Phylae. Pointe de l'île Aswan/Philae Isl. Zangaki 1070
506 [On mount: Assuan. Phylai, East] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Unsigned  
507 ...Phylae. Panorama Aswan/Philae Isl. Zangaki 1069
508 [On mount: Philae. Pylon with inscriptions] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] A. Beato  
509 [On mount: Assuan. Phylae. Facade of the Pylon called Rosetti] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Unsigned  
510 ...[On mount: Philae] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Zangaki 1073
511 [On mount: Assuan. Philae. Colo[n]ades of the Temple of Isis] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] A. Beato  
512 [On mount: Assuan. Philae. Gal[l]ery of theTemple] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] A. Beato  
513 Phylae. Intérieur du temple d'Isis [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Zangaki 1078?
514 Phylae: Temple Hypêtre (Nord) Aswan/Philae Isl. J.P. Sebah 904
515 [On mount: Assuan, Philae. View from North] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] A. Beato  
516 [On mount: Assuan. Phil[a]e kiosque] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] A. Beato  
517 [On mount: Phylae. Interior of the Hypostyle] [Aswan/Philae Isl.] Unsigned  
518 [On mount: Assiout, from the mountain] [Asyut] A. Beato  
519 [On mount: Assiout. General view] [Asyut] Unsigned  
520 Béni-Hassan, tombe de Ameni-Amenemhat (intérieur) Beni-Hassan J.P. Sebah 702
BOX 10 :EGYPT:CAIRO :Nos. 521s-574 :54 photos.  
EGYPT : CAIRO        
521s [On photograph: Cairo] [Mosques, Guizeh pyramids in background] [Panorama] Unsigned  
522 Caire, vue panoramique Panorama J.P. Sebah 291
523 Montagne de la Quarantaine [Environments & general] Zangaki 1135
524 Obélisque d'Héliopolis (Matameh) [Environments & general] Unsigned  
525 [Colored] [Obelisk of Heliopolis, Cairo] [Environments & general] Unsigned  
526s Cairo. - Champ de Palmiers [Environments General] L.Fiorillo, Phot. 341
527 Allée de Pyramides [Cairo] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 438
528 Mena-House (Hotel) [Cairo] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 253
529 Pont Embabeh [on mount: Nile] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 112
530 Barrage [on mount: Egypt] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 220
531 Barrage [on mount: Egypt] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 221
532s Arbre de la Vierge. Caire [Tree of the Virgin] [Environments & general] Unsigned 109
533 Arbre de la Vierge (Matarieh) [Tree of the Virgin] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 238
534bis ... [On mount: Egypt. Tree of the Virgin] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah ?
535 Cimetière Arabe [Cairo] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 119
536s Caire. - Dahabiehs [Felugas near banks of Nile] [Environments & general] L.Fiorillo, Phot. 288
537 Dahabieh [Ship on Nile] [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 281
538 Vieux Caire (douane) [Environments & general] J.P. Sebah 414
539 Pont de Ghezireh (ouverture) [Cairo] [Environments & general] .J.P. Sebah 410
540 Mosq[ue]: Amrou (intérieur) [on mount: Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 48
541 Mosq[uée] Amrou: Colonnes d'épreuves(cour) [Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 362
542 [Al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo] [Mosques] J.P. Sebah  
543 Mosquée Azhar [Cairo] Mosques Unsigned 23
544 Mosquée de la Citadelle [on mount: Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 121?
545 Citadelle. Mosquée [Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 218
546 Tombe du Calife Kait-Bey [Kaid Bey Mosque, Cairo] [Mosques] J.P. Sebah 449
547 Mosquée Mohamed Aly [on mount: Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 1
548 [On mount: Cairo, Fountain in Court of Mosque of Mohammad Ali] [Mosques] Unsigned  
549 Mosquée Mohamed-Aly (Sanctuaire) [On mount:Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 7
550 Mosq[uée] Sultan Hassan [On mount: Cairo] Mosques J.P. Sebah 12
551 Arrivée du Mahmel, Caire [Arrival of Mahmal from the pilgrimage to Mecca near Sultan Hassan's Mosque] [Mosques] Zangaki 4/3/1899? 369
552 Palais d'Abdin [On mount: Cairo] [Public buildings] J.P. Sebah 428
553 Musée de Ghizeh [Cairo] [Public buildings] J.P. Sebah 216
554 Shepheard's [sic] Hôtel [Cairo] [Public buildings] J.P. Sebah 437
555 Khalig...[Houses] [Houses] J.P. Sebah 125
556 Maison (S...) [On mount: Cairo] Houses J.P. Sebah 85
557 Cour d'une Maison Arabe [Cairo] Houses J.P. Sebah 87?
558 ...[On mount: Cairo] [House with musherrabiah] [Houses] J.P. Sebah ?
559s [On photograph: Pyramids. Cairo] [Pyramids & Sphinx] Unsigned  
560 Pyramides de Gizeh (vue générale) Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 266
561 Pyramide Vue du Palmiers Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 491
562 Pyramide Chéops (entrée) [Cairo] Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 252
563 ... Chéops: Ascension [Cairo] [Pyramids & Sphinx] J.P. Sebah ...
564 Pyramide Gheffren [Pyramids & Sphinx] J.P. Sebah 231
565 Temple Chefo, Sphinx & Pyramide Chéops [Cairo] Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah  
566 [On mount: Sarcophagus of Chefu. 4th Dynasty] Pyramids & Sphinx Unsigned  
567 Sphinx Armachis [Cairo] Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 232
568 Sphinx Armachi [Cairo] Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 440
569 Pyramide... Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 250
570 Pyramide de Meydoun Pyramids & Sphinx J.P. Sebah 279
571s [On mount: Egypt] [Numbered fragments of sculpted stones. Capitals of columns?] [Antiquities] Unsigned  
572s [On mount: Egypt] [Numbered fragments of sculpted stones. Capitals of columns?] [Antiquities] Unsigned  
573s ...Caire...[Statue under tree] [Antiquities] Unsigned 79?
574 [On mount: King Meneptah. 19th Dynasty] [Antiquities] Unsigned  
BOX 11 :EGYPT:D-Ka :Nos. 575-642 :68 photos.  
EGYPT : D-Ka        
575 Deir el Bahari: Ruines générales Deir el-Bahri J.P. Sebah 745?
576 Deir el Bahari (Vue générale des Ruines) Deir el-Bahri J.P. Sebah 744
577 [On mount: Der el Bahari Temple] [Deir el- Bahri] A. Beato [reversed signature]  
578 Deir-el-Bahari (Bas-Relief) terrasse du centre Deir el-Bahri J.P. Sebah 750
579 Temple Deir el Bahari (Bas-Reliefs) Deir el-Bahri J.P. Sebah 751
580 [On mount: Deir-el-Bahari. Bas-relief] [Deir el-Bahri] Unsigned  
581 Deir-el-Bahari Deir el-Bahri J.P. Sebah 752
582 [On mount: Der el Medinet. Interior of the Temple] [Deir el-Medinet] Unsigned  
583 Deir el Medinet (intérieur du temple) Thèbes Deir el-Medinet J.P. Sebah 763
584 Deir Medinet. Bas-Reliefs à l'intérieur. Thèbes Deir el-Medinet J.P. Sebah 765?
585 [On mount: Der-el-Medinet. Bas reliefs] [Deir el-Medinet] Unsigned  
586 [On mount: Der-el-Medinet. Bas reliefs] [Deir el-Medinet] Unsigned  
587 Denderah temple... Denderah J.P. Sebah 733
588 [On mount: Denderah] [Denderah] Unsigned  
589 [On mount: Denderah] [Denderah] Unsigned  
590 [On mount: Denderah. Exterior of the Temple] [Denderah] A. Beato  
591 [On mount: Denderah. Exterior of the Temple] [Denderah] Unsigned  
592 [On mount: Denderah. Exterior of the Temple with Cleopatra] [Denderah] A. Beato  
593 [On mount: Denderah. Bas-reliefs of the interior of the Temple] [Denderah] Unsigned  
594 [On mount: Denderah Temple] [Denderah] Unsigned  
595 [On mount: Denderah] [Denderah] Unsigned  
596 [On mount: Denderah. Cleopatra] [Denderah] Unsigned  
597 [On mount: Denderah. Cleopatra] [Denderah] Unsigned  
598 Edfou. (Vue générale du Temple) Edfu J.P. Sebah 853
599 [On mount: Edfou. Village and Pylon] [Edfu] Unsigned  
600 [On mount: Edfou. View from the Pylon of the Temple] [Edfu] A. Beato  
601 Edfou. Cour et Pylone Edfu J.P.Sebah 852
602 [On mount: Edfou] [Edfu] A.Beato [reversed signature]  
603 [On mount: Edfou. Court of the Temple] [Edfu] Unsigned  
604 Edfou... [Edfu] J.P. Sebah ...
605 [On mount: Edfou] [Edfu] Unsigned  
606 [On mount: Edfou. Bas reliefs] [Edfu] Unsigned  
607 Esneh temple (intérieur) Esneh J.P. Sebah 851
608 Esneh temple (intérieur) Esneh J.P. Sebah 849
609 [On mount: Esneh. Capital and Archètraves] [Esneh] Unsigned  
610 [On mount: Gurnah. Temple] [Gurnah] A. Beato  
611 Karnak: Grand temple (vue générale du sud-est) Karnak/General J.P. Sebah 808
612 [On mount: Karnak. Vue prise de lac sucre] [Karnak/General] Unsigned  
613 Karnak. Sphinx et pylone Karnak/General Unsigned  
614 [On mount: Karnak. Pylone d'ouest avec les sphinx] [Karnak/General] A. Beato  
615 [On mount: Karnak. The Sphinx] [Karnak/General] Unsigned  
616 [On mount: Karnak. Vue du milieu] [Karnak/ General] Unsigned  
617 Karnak,le Palais [Karnak/General] J.P.Sebah 844?
618 [On mount: Karnak. Reste d'un édifice du temple] [ Karnak/General] A.Beato  
619 Karnak. Salle hypostyle du grand temple Karnak/Columns Zangaki 1013
620 Karnak: Gd temple. Salle Hypostyle: Colonne Penchée Karnak/Columns J.P. Sebah 820?
621 [On mount: Karnak. Columns of Nubia] [Karnak/ Columns] A. Beato  
622 [On mount: Karnak. Obelisk and Nubian Column] [Karnak/Obelisks] Unsigned  
623 [On mount: Karnak. (Intérieur du temple côté est] [Karnak/Colums] ?  
624 [On mount: Karnak. Interior of the hall] [Karnak/Columns] Unsigned  
625 [On mount: Karnak: Les deux colonnes Lotus] [Karnak/Columns] Unsigned  
626 Karnak. Ruines et colonnes de... Karnak/Columns Zangaki 1005
627 Karnak: Grand temple: Obélisques de TouthmèsI et de sa fille Hatasu Karnak/Obelisks J.P. Sebah 821
628 Karnak: Gd. temple: Obélisques de Touthmès I et de sa fille Hatasu Karnak/Obelisks J.P. Sebah 821?
629 [On mount: Karnak. Hall of the Kings] [Touthmès' obelisk] [Karnak/Obelisks] Unsigned  
630 Karnak. Gd temp.: Obélisques de Touthmès I et de sa fille Hatasu [Karnak/Obelisks] J.P. Sebah 824
631 [On mount: Karnak: Obelisk of Hatasou] [Karnak/Obelisks] Unsigned  
632 [On mount: Karnak. The Poem of Pentaur] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] Unsigned  
633 [On mount: Karnak. Genealogical tree of Ramses] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] A. Beato  
634 [On mount: Les Kartousses] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] Unsigned  
635 [On mount: Sclusak de bible]? [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] A. Beato  
636 Karnak: Restes du temple de Hathor [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] J.P. Sebah 846
637 [On mount: Karnak. Exterior of the temple of Khoss] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] A. Beato  
638 [On mount: Karnak. Bas-reliefs] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] A. Beato  
639 [On mount: Karnak. Bas Reliefs at the building of the Canal] [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] Unsigned  
640 Karnak: Gd. temple. Bas-relief[s] Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs J.P. Sebah 843
641 Karnak. Temple de Khous, intérieur Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs Zangaki 983
642 Karnak. Intérieur du Temple de... [Karnak/Inscriptions & Bas-reliefs] Zangaki 1012
BOX 12 :EGYPT:Ko-Z :Nos. 643-716 :74 photos  
EGYPT : Ko-Z        
643 [On mount: Kom Ombo. View from across the Nile] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
644 [On mount: Kom Ombo. Temple] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
645 Kom Ombo (vue générale) Kom Ombo J.P. Sebah 866?
646 [On mount: Kom Ombo. 1st Hall. Hypostyle] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
647 [On mount: Kom Ombo. Inscriptions] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
648 [on mount: Kom Ombo. Inscriptions] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
649 [On mount: Kom Ombo. Cleopatra and Ptolemy] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
650 [On mount: Kom Ombo. Purification of Ptolemy] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
651 [On mount: Kom Ombo] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
652 [On mount: Kom Ombo. Emperor] [Kom Ombo] Unsigned  
653 [On mount: Luxor. East side] [Luxor] Unsigned  
654 [On mount: Luxor. Taken from other side of Nile] [Luxor] Unsigned  
655 [On mount: Luxor. Le Sanetnaere]? [Luxor] Unsigned  
656 [On mount: Luxor. Bas reliefs on the Pylon] [Luxor] Unsigned  
657 [On mount: Luxor. Obelish and Pylon from the East, and minarets] [Luxor] Unsigned  
658 [On mount: Luxor. Obelish and Pylon Colossi of Ramses] [Luxor] Unsigned  
659 [On mount: Luxor. The little temple of Ramses] [Luxor] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
660 [On mount: Luxor. Statue of Ramses] [Luxor] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
661 [On mount: Luxor. Statue of Ramses] [Luxor] A. Beato  
662 [On mount: Luxor. The Children of Ramses] [Luxor] Unsigned  
663 [On mount: Luxor] [Luxor] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
664 [On mount: Luxor. View of the Temple] [Luxor] Unsigned  
665 [On mount: Luxor. Temple] [Luxor] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
666 [On mount: Luxor. Temple of Amenophis. North] [Luxor] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
667 [On mount: Luxor. Temple of Amenophis. North] [Luxor] Unsigned  
668 Grand Hotel Tewfikieh [On mount: Luxor] [Luxor] Unsigned  
669 [On mount: Medinet Habout. View of the Temple] [Medinet Habu] Unsigned  
670 [On mount: Medinet Habout. The Palace] [Medinet Habu] A. Beato  
671 Medinet Abou. Ruines de la Grande Salle Medinet Habu J.P. Sebah  
672 [On mount: Medinet Habout. North side of 1st Court] [Medinet Habu] A.Beato [Reversed signature]  
673 [On mount: Medinet Habout. Inscriptions in the Ist court] [Medinet Habu] Unsigned  
674 [On mount: Medinet Habout. North side of 2nd Court] [Medinet Habu] Unsigned [A.Beato?]  
675 [On mount: Medinet Habout. Second Court south west] [Medinet Habu] A.Beato [Reversed signature]  
676 Medinet Abou. Péristyle du temple de...? Medinet Habu Zangaki 932
677 [On mount: Medinet Habout. The battle of Ramses] [Medinet Habu] Unsigned  
678 Assouan. 1 cataracte rapide [Nile] Nile/1st Cataract Zangaki 1053
679 Première Cataracte. La grande porte [Nile] Nile/1st Cataract Unsigned [J.P. Sebah?] 870
680 [On mount: Rapids of the 1st Cataract] [Nile/1st Cataract] Unsigned  
681 [On mount: Rapids of the First Cataract of the Nile] [Nile/1st Cataract] Unsigned  
682 [On mount: Assuan. Rapids of the first Cataract] [Nile/1st Cataract] A. Beato  
683 [On mount: Second Cataract] [of the Nile] [Nile/2nd Cataract] Unsigned  
684 [On mount: Second Cataract of the Nile] [Nile/ 2nd Cataract] Unsigned  
685 [On mount: Second Cataract] [of the Nile] [Nile/2nd Cataract] A.Beato [Reversed signature]  
686 [On mount: Nile steamer Prince Thefik] [Nile/Steamer] A. Beato  
687 [On mount: Nubia. Temple of Ibsambone] [Abu Simbul] [Nubia] A. Beato  
688 [On mount: Nubia. Temple d'Ibsambone] [Abu Simbul] [Nubia] Unsigned  
689 [On mount: Nubia. Abou Simbal. Exterior of the Temple d'Ibsambone] [Nubia] A. Beato  
690 [On mount: Nubia. Temple d'Ibsambone] [Abu Simbul] [Nubia] A. Beato  
691 [On mount: Ramesseum. Facade of the Temple] [Ramesseum & Ramses II] A. Beato  
692 [On mount: Ramesseum Temple] [Ramesseum & Ramses II] Unsigned  
693 [On mount: Ramsesseum. View of the Temple] [Ramesseum & Ramses II] A. Beato  
694 [On mount: Ramasseum. The Colonnade] [Ramesseum & Ramses II] A. Beato  
695 [On mount: Ramasseum with the Statue] [Ramesseum & Ramses II] A. Beato  
696 Statue de Ramsès (Memphis) Ramesseum & Ramses II J. P. Sebah 237
697 Ramsès II Ramesseum & Ramses II Unsigned  
698 Ramses II Ramesseum & Ramses II Unsigned 384
699 Ramsès II Ramesseum & Ramses II Unsigned 383
700 [On mount: Saccarah. Chambre dans la pyramide du Roi Ounes. 5th Dynasty] [Saccarah] Unsigned  
701 [On mount: Saccarah. The sacred ox] [Saccarah] Unsigned  
702 [On mount: Saccarah. Pasthe?] [Saccarah] Unsigned  
703s [On mount: Convent of Saint Catherine, Mount Sinai] [Saint Catherine Monastery, Sinai] Unsigned  
704 Gebel Silsileh. Nord est Silsileh J.P. Sebah 863
705 [On mount: Rocks of Silsilis] [Silsileh] Unsigned  
706 Gebel Silsileh...Intérieur [Silsileh] J.P. Sebah 864
707 [On mount: Thebes and the Colossi of Memmou] [View from far. Nile] [Thebes] Unsigned  
708 Colosse de Meranon (Est) à Thèbes Thebes J.P. Sebah 766
709 [On mount: Thebes and the Colossi of Memmou] [Thebes] A.Beato [Reversed signature]  
710 Thèbes, tombe de roi No. 9 Thebes Zangaki 946
711 [On mount: Thebes. Mummy of 21st Dynasty] [Thebes] Unsigned  
712 Thèbes. Tombeaux de Rois Thebes J.P. Sebah ...
713 [On mount: Tombs of the Kings: Entrance to the Valley] [Tombs of the Kings, Luxor] Unsigned  
714 [On mount: Tombs of the Kings. Medamrût] [Tombs of the Kings, Luxor] A. Beato  
715 [On mount: Tombs of the Kings. Interior of the Tomb of Seti I. 17th Dynasty. First Court] [Tombs of the Kings, Luxor] Unsigned  
716 [On mount: Tombs of the Kings. Intérieur du tombeau de 2 cour] [Tombs of the Kings, Luxor] Unsigned  
BOX 13 :EGYPT : PEOPLE & ACTIVITIES :Nos. 717s-784 :68 photos  
717s [On mount: The Khedivel] [Portrait] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
718s [Sheikh? with decorations. Portrait] [Portraits & individials] Unsigned  
719s Prêtre Copht [i.e. copte] [on mount: Copt priest] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 121?
720s [On mount: Mohammedan dervish] [Dervish portrait] [Portraits & individuals] ...  
721s Le chef Bedouin des Pyramides [Portrait] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 317
722s [On mount: Bedouin of Mt. Sinai] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
723s Type Nubien (Chef de Tribu) [In gilded abaya.Portrait] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 129
724s [On mount: Nubian barbarian] [Portrait] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
725s ... Abou Kaya ... Kraka (Equateur) [on mount:Negress woman] [with scars on skin] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils ...
726s Le raïs de la tribu [Sudanese chief with his sword] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils ...
727s [On mount: Egypt. Soudanese "Saïs"] [training horse] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
728s [on mount: Harem lady] [Portrait] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
729s ... Indigène (Costume de Ville) [on mount:Copt lady] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 135
730s ... Fellah (Toilette de ville) [Portrait of a country girl with ornaments] [Portraits & individuals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils ...
731s [On mount: Egypt [Two seated] Abyssinian women] [Elaborate ornaments on clothes, legs and feet] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
732 Chanteuse felah [Singer fellaha with tarabucca and nargileh on mother-of-pearls table in studio] [Portraits & individuals] Zangaki 858
733 Chanteuse Arabe avec la Tarabucca [Arab woman singer with tarabucca, veiled face and ornaments in studio] [Portraits & individuals] L.Fiorillo, Phot. 10
734s [On mount: Peasant women] [two seated women with nursing babies, one with boy in lap, veiled with cylinders between eyes: in studio] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
735s [On mount: Woman and child] [veiled woman with cylinder between eyes: in studio] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
736 [Veiled woman with cylinder between eyes and child on shoulders in studio] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
737 [On mount: Egypt. Bicharins] [A group of Bicharins with village in background] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
738 Nubie. Famille bicharine [Bicharin family near tent] [Portraits & individuals.] Zangaki 527
739 [On mount: Egypt. Beggars] [Portraits & individuals] Unsigned  
740 [On mount: Mohammadans at Prayer] [Two Muslim men praying in Mosque] [Portraits & individuals] Bonfils ...
741 Prière (1ère & 2ème positions) [Two men presenting Muslim prayer: in studio] [Portraits & individuals] J.P.Sebah 335
742 Priere (3eème & 4eème positions) [Two men presenting Muslim prayer: in studio] [Portraits & individuals] J. P. Sebah 335
743 Restaurateur ambulant an Caire. [On mount:Cairo. Traveling Caterers] [Bread and tu'miah (beans) selling] [Activities] Bonfils ...
744s ... [Man and woman eating bread and tu'miah (beans), water carrier emptying water in large jar; arabesques on wall. [Activities] Photo. Art. G. L kegian & Fils 395
745 [On mount: Cairo. Boot blacks] [Shoeshiners] [Activities] Poa...  
746 Musique Egyptienne [Man and boy playing music instruments] [Activities] Zangaki 879
747s [On mount: Egyptian water carrier] [Activities] Unsigned  
748s Sacca [i.e. water carrier] (Service d'eau à domicile) [Water carrier holding filled water skin bag, standing in water] [Activities] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 275
749s Group de Sagas [i.e. water carriers] (Porteur d'eau) [Three men carrying water skin bags] [Activities] Fiorillo 511
750 [On mount: Water-carriers] [Activities] Unsigned  
751 [On mount: Water-carriers] [Activities] Unsigned  
752s [On mount: Water carrier] [Woman with jarra on head and cylinder between eyes] [Activities] Unsigned  
753 Des femmes arabes portant de l'eau du Nil [Women filling earthen jars with water from Nile] [Activities] Zangaki 617
754 Les arabes remplissant leurs crûches dans le Nil [Children filling earthen jars with water] [Activities] Zangaki 619
755 Chadoufs & Sakkieh [Working at shadufs andsaqiehs] [Activities] J. P. Sebah 918
756 [On mount: Shadouf] [Men working at the shaduf] [Activities] A. Beato  
757s Sakie [Donkey at saqieh] [Activities] Fiorillo Phot. 617
758 Sakkieh Haute Egypte [Two boys at the saqieh and shaduf] [Activities] Unsigned  
759 [On mount: Sachaquieh] [Villagers and cows by the saqieh] [Activities] Unsigned  
760 Laboureur fellah [On mount: Egypt. Plowing] [Man and two children plowing with pair of oxen] [Activities] Zangaki 482
761 [On mount: Plowing] [Boy behind oxen, plowing] [Activities] Unsigned  
762 ... [Group of villagers threshing behind camel and cow] Activities J. P. Sebah ...
763 Piquage du blé en Egypte [On mount: Threshinggrain] [by two villagers] [Activities] Zangaki 220
764 [On mount: Nile. Sugar Cane Bazaar] [Activities] Unsigned  
765 [On mount: Luxor. Bazar of Sugar cane market] [Activities] Unsigned  
766 Keneh, fabriques de poteries [Pottery making] [Activities] J. P. Sebah 740?
767 [On mount: Egyptian Camel Corps] [Activities] A. Beato  
768 [On mount: Egypt. English Camel Corps] [Activities] Unsigned  
769s Chameau et chamellier [Camel and cameleer,palmtrees in background] [People & their animals] Fiorillo Phot.  
770 Chameau avec son petit [Cameleer seated by camel and younger camel] [People & their animals] Zangaki 531
771 [On mount: Egypt. [Boy on] Camel] [People & their animals] Unsigned  
772 [On mount: Camels on the shore of the Nile] [People & their animals] Unsigned  
773s La crue du Nile [Three men, two children, animals in the high waters of the Nile] [People & their animals] Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils 263?
774s Une femme Indigène à baudet [On mount:Egyptian woman] [with cylinder between eyes on donkey with young man behind her] People & their animals Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils ...
775s Femme fellah à âne [Veiled woman with cylinder between eyes, on donkey with boy behind her in studio] People & their animals Unsigned  
776 [on mount: Egypt:] [Boy on donkey. Mucharrabieh in background] [People & theiranimals] Unsigned  
777s [Naked boy on cow] [People & their animals] Unsigned  
778 Ferme d'Autruches [on mount: Ostrich farm] [People & their animals] Unsigned [Zangaki?] 481
779 Bedrechein (village) [Villagers, houses, palm] [In villages] J. P. Sebah 234
780 Cheikh Abbadeh (village & Pallmiers) [Houses and palm trees] [In villages] J.P. Sebah 703
781 Village & Pallmiers [Villagers, houses and palm trees] [In villages] J.P. Sebah 917
782 [On mount: Thebes. Arab village] [Village, palm trees, fields and the Nile] [In villages] A. Beato [Reversed signature]  
783 Village arabe près d'Assiout [Two men, their donkeys, palm trees and houses] [In villages] ? 818?
784 [Villagers and camel under palm trees] [In villages] Unsigned  
BOX 14 :TANGIERS :Nos. 785-798 :14 photos  
785 Tanger grand Hotel. Villa de France [On mount:Tangiers] [Panorama] [Panorama] Unsigned  
786 [On mount: Tangiers][Panorama] [Panorama] Unsigned  
787 Kasba. Entrée du Pascha. Le trésor [On mount:Tangiers] [The City] Hell & Cie  
788 [On mount: Tangiers. Court of Justice] [But similar view as precedent] [The City] Unsigned  
789 [On mount: Tangiers] [Souk] [The City] Unsigned  
790 [On mount: Tangiers] [Street with passers by] [The City] Unsigned  
791 [On mount: Tangiers. Market day] [The City] Unsigned  
792 [On mount: Tangiers] [Camels by seaside] [The City] Unsigned  
793 [On mount: Tangiers] [Portrait of naked bearded man] [People] Unsigned  
794 [On mount: Tangiers] [Dancer clothed in shreads, holding claquettes] [People] Unsigned  
795 [On mount: Tangiers. Snake charmer] [People] Unsigned  
796 [On mount: Tangiers. Snake charmers] [Two men, a musical instrument and a snake] [People] Unsigned  
797 [On mount: Tangiers] [Woman nursing baby, woman standing in special attire and pivoting stones for crashing grain and jar] [People] Unsigned  
798 [On mount: Tangiers ?][Woman and two children] [People] Unsigned  

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