Got it!

In search mode:

Only "Submit search" will appear on the submit button

A list of the records that match the search criteria containing object number, title info and short description. Each one clickable to return the object identification page for that record.

An option "Interchange" to dump the record file in xml format only as the list of records or as complete record for each object.

(For approved personel the records can be edited for maintenance. When a person approved for registration logs in, a "record lock" will appear after the object number field that can be unlocked for editing.)

In register mode:

Only "Submit registration" will appear on the submit button.

A page showing only the registered information fields (editable) will appear requiring approval before final submission.

Submit comment:

Brings up a separate window with comment field that can be submitted and added as an additional comment field from registered user.

Last modified: Thu Jul 15 17:28:47 2004