Achkar Tania   (VI)
Gorton Maya   (VI)
Jbeily Monica   (IV to VI)
Mourad Tamima   (V)
Nembrini Julien   (IV)
Sawaya Rita   (VI)
Van Der Kloet Anita   (IV)

Makaroun Yasmine   (II to VI)
Rayess Zeina   (I)
Yehia Ahmad   (V to VI)

Antonios Rachel  (IV to VI)
Yassine Rami  (II to VI)

Badre Leila
Karaa Edward
Lyann Danny
Sabbagh Pierre


The excavation as a whole was the joint effort of a team and so is this report. All the main problems and opinions presented here were discussed both during the excavations and afterwards and all members of the team have a share in every part of it. I would like to express my gratitude to this team as well as to all the participants listed above. Thanks are also due to the Byblos Bank and the Jubayli Brothers Company for providing our excavation area with large shade umbrellas.

The present report is based on the field notebooks, context sheets, section drawings of balks and stratigraphic summaries produced by the field supervisors at the end of each working period.

A major contribution in the preparation of this report was provided by the AUB Museum assistants Patricia Antaki and Hanane Charaf, who worked very hard



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