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 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

 1. Alif Lam Mim.

 2. Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, We 
 believe, and not be tried?

 3. And certainly We tried those before them, so Allah will 
 certainly know those who are true and He will certainly know 
 the liars.

 4. Or do they who work evil think that they will escape Us? 
 Evil is it that they judge!

 S. Whoever hopes to meet Allah, the term appointed by Allah 
 will then most surely come; and He is the Hearing, the 

 6. And whoever strives hard, he strives only for his own 
 soul; most surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above (need of) 
 the worlds.

 7. And (as for) those who believe and do good, We will most 
 certainly do away with their evil deeds and We will most 
 certainly reward them the best of what they did.

 8. And We have enjoined on man goodness to his parents, and 
 if they contend with you that you should associate (others) 
 with Me, of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them, 
 to Me is your return, so I will inform you of what you did.

 9. And (as for) those who believe and do good, We will most 
 surely cause them to enter among the good.

 10. And among men is he who says: We believe in Allah; but 
 when he is persecuted in (the way of) Allah he thinks the 
 persecution of men to be as the chastisement of Allah; and 
 if there come assistance from your Lord, they would most 
 certainly say: Surely we were with you. What! is not Allah 
 the best knower of what is in the breasts of mankind.

 11. And most certainly Allah will know those who believe and 
 most certainly He will know the hypocrites.

 12. And those who disbelieve say to those who believe: 
 Follow our path and we will bear your wrongs. And never 
 shall they be the bearers of any of their wrongs; most 
 surely they are liars.

 13. And most certainly they shall carry their own burdens, 
 and other burdens with their own burdens, and most certainly 
 they shall be questioned on the resurrection day as to what 
 they forged.

 14. And certainly We sent Nuh to his people, so he remained 
 among them a thousand years save fifty years. And the deluge 
 overtook them, while they were unjust.

 15. So We delivered him and the inmates of the ark, and made 
 it a sign to the nations.

 16. And (We sent) Ibrahim, when he said to his people: Serve 
 Allah and be careful of (your duty to) Him; this is best for 
 you, if you did but know:

 17. You only worship idols besides Allah and you create a 
 lie surely they whom you serve besides Allah do not control 
 for you any sustenance, therefore seek the sustenance from 
 Allah and serve Him and be grateful to Him; to Him you shall 
 be brought back.

 18. And if you reject (the truth), nations before you did 
 indeed reject (the truth); and nothing is incumbent on the 
 apostle but a plain delivering (of the message).

 19. What! do they not consider how Allah originates the 
 creation, then reproduces it? Surely that is easy to Allah.

 20. Say: Travel in the earth and see how He makes the first 
 creation, then Allah creates the latter creation; surely 
 Allah has power over all things.

 21. He punishes whom He pleases and has mercy on whom He 
 pleases, and to Him you shall be turned back.

 22. And you shall not escape in the earth nor in the heaven, 
 and you have neither a protector nor a helper besides Allah.

 23. And (as to) those who disbelieve in the communications 
 of Allah and His meeting, they have despaired of My mercy, 
 and these it is that shall have a painful punishment.

 24. So naught was the answer of his people except that they 
 said: Slay him or burn him; then Allah delivered him from 
 the fire; most surely there are signs in this for a people 
 who believe.

 25. And he said: You have only taken for yourselves idols 
 besides Allah by way of friendship between you in this 
 world's life, then on the resurrection day some of you shall 
 deny others, and some of you shall curse others, and your 
 abode is the fire, and you shall not have any helpers.

 26. And Lut believed in Him, and he said: I am fleeing to my 
 Lord, surely He is the Mighty, the Wise.

 27. And We granted him Ishaq and Yaqoub, and caused the t 
 prophethood and the book to remain in his seed, and We gave 
 him his reward in this world, and in the hereafter he will 
 most surely be among the good.

 28. And (We sent) Lut when he said to his people: Most 
 surely you are guilty of an indecency which none of the 
 nations has ever done before you;

 29. What! do you come to the males and commit robbery on the 
 highway, and you commit evil deeds in your assemblies? But 
 nothing was the answer of his people except that they said: 
 Bring on us Allah's punishment, if you are one of the 

 30. He said: My Lord! help me against the mischievous 

 31. And when Our messengers came to Ibrahim with the good 
 news, they said: Surely we are going to destroy the people 
 of this town, for its people are unjust.

 32. He said: Surely in it is Lut. They said: We know well 
 who is in it; we shall certainly deliver him and his 
 followers, except his wife; she shall be of those who remain 

 33. And when Our messengers came to Lut he was grieved on 
 account of them, and he felt powerless (to protect) them; 
 and they said: Fear not, nor grieve; surely we will deliver 
 you and your followers, except your wife; she shall be of 
 those who remain behind.

 34. Surely We will cause to come down upon the people of 
 this town a punishment from heaven, because they 

 35. And certainly We have left a clear sign of it for a 
 people who understand.

 36. And to Madyan (We sent) their brother Shuaib, so he 
 said: O my people! serve Allah and fear the latter day and 
 do not act corruptly in the land, making mischief.

 37. But they rejected him, so a severe earthquake overtook 
 them, and they became motionless bodies in their abode.

 38. And (We destroyed) Ad and Samood, and from their 
 dwellings (this) is apparent to you indeed; and the Shaitan 
 made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so he kept them back 
 from the path, though they were endowed with intelligence 
 and skill,

 39. And (We destroyed) Qaroun and Firon and Haman; and 
 certainly Musa came to them with clear arguments, but they 
 behaved haughtily in the land; yet they could not outstrip 

 40. So each We punished for his sin; of them was he on whom 
 We sent down a violent storm, and of them was he whom the 
 rumbling overtook, and of them was he whom We made to be 
 swallowed up by the earth, and of them was he whom We 
 drowned; and it did not beseem Allah that He should be 
 unjust to them, but they were unjust to their own souls.

 41. The parable of those who take guardians besides Allah is 
 as the parable of the spider that makes for itself a house; 
 and most surely the frailest of the houses is the spider's 
 house did they but know.

 42. Surely Allah knows whatever thing they call upon besides 
 Him; and He is the Mighty, the Wise.

 43. And (as for) these examples, We set them forth for men, 
 and none understand them but the learned.

 44. Allah created the heavens and the earth with truth; most 
 surely there is a sign in this for the believers.

 45. Recite that which has been revealed to you of the Book 
 and keep up prayer; surely prayer keeps (one) away from 
 indecency and evil, and certainly the remembrance of Allah 
 is the greatest, and Allah knows what you do.

 46. And do not dispute with the followers of the Book except 
 by what is best, except those of them who act unjustly, and 
 say: We believe in that which has been revealed to us and 
 revealed to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him 
 do we submit.

 47. And thus have We revealed the Book to you. So those whom 
 We have given the Book believe in it, and of these there are 
 those who believe in it, and none deny Our communications 
 except the unbelievers.

 48. And you did not recite before it any book, nor did you 
 transcribe one with your right hand, for then could those 
 who say untrue things have doubted.

 49. Nay! these are clear communications in the breasts of 
 those who are granted knowledge; and none deny Our 
 communications except the unjust.

 50. And they say: Why are not signs sent down upon him from 
 his Lord? Say: The signs are only with Allah, and I am only 
 a plain warner.

 51. Is it not enough for them that We have revealed to you 
 the Book which is recited to them? Most surely there is 
 mercy in this and a reminder for a people who believe.

 52. Say: Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and 
 you; He knows what is in the heavens and the earth. And (as 
 for) those who believe in the falsehood and disbelieve in 
 Allah, these it is that are the losers.

 53. And they ask you to hasten on the chastisement; and had 
 not a term been appointed, the chastisement would certainly 
 have come to them; and most certainly it will come to them 
 all of a sudden while they will not perceive.

 54. They ask you to hasten on the chastisement, and most 
 surely hell encompasses the unbelievers;

 55. On the day when the chastisement shall cover them from 
 above them, and from beneath their feet; and He shall say: 
 Taste what you did.

 56. O My servants who believe! surely My earth is vast, 
 therefore Me alone should you serve.

 57. Every soul must taste of death, then to Us you shall be 
 brought back.

 58. And (as for) those who believe and do good, We will 
 certainly give them abode in the high places in gardens 
 beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein; how good the 
 reward of the workers:

 59. Those who are patient, and on their Lord do they rely.

 60. And how many a living creature that does not carry its 
 sustenance: Allah sustains it and yourselves; and He is the 
 Hearing, the Knowing.

 61. And if you ask them, Who created the heavens and the 
 earth and made the sun and the moon subservient, they will 
 certainly say, Allah. Whence are they then turned away?

 62. Allah makes abundant the means of subsistence for whom 
 He pleases of His servants, and straitens them for whom (He 
 pleases) surely Allah is Cognizant of all things.

 63. And if you ask them Who is it that sends down water from 
 the clouds, then gives life to the earth with it after its 
 death, they will certainly say, Allah. Say: All praise is 
 due to Allah. Nay, most of them do not understand.

 64. And this life of the world is nothing but a sport and a 
 play; and as for the next abode, that most surely is the 
 life-- did they but know!

 65. So when they ride in the ships they call upon Allah, 
 being sincerely obedient to Him, but when He brings them 
 safe to the land, lo! they associate others (with Him);

 66. Thus they become ungrateful for what We have given them, 
 so that they may enjoy; but they shall soon know.

 67. Do they not see that We have made a sacred territory 
 secure, while men are carried off by force from around them? 
 Will they still believe in the falsehood and disbelieve in 
 the favour of Allah?

 68. And who is more unjust than one who forges a lie against 
 Allah, or gives the lie to the truth when it has come to 
 him? Will not in hell be the abode of the unbelievers?

 69. And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most 
 certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah is most surely 
 with the doers of good.