Appendix A.6 Tables

A6.10 Head of Household labour income index in Gaza and the West Bank by selected background variables

(UNW = Unweighted number of respondents)

Working Household Heads
Labour income index
Non-workingN UNWLowerMiddleUpperN UNW
Gaza north28501352215364
Gaza central(53)41---18
Gaza south35416282314268
Type of locality
Greater Gaza City26313332318236
Gaza towns/villages29332292517233
Gaza camps4131332198181
Refugee status
UNRWA refugees35609322112383
-in camps413133219 8181
-outside camps28299332316205
Household wealth
Lower third404623715 9273
Middle third29336263016241
Upper third16163282928136
West Bank261004232823741
WB north26506222725376
WB central28284203022205
WB south26213292916160
Type of locality
WB towns22399203226306
WB villages29517252620372
WB camps278722302263
Refugee status
UNRWA refugees33257202520173
-in camps278722302263
-outside camps35177182225116
Household wealth
Lower third32252332313172
Middle third25397272919290
Upper third24354123133278


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