Notes (Chapter 3)

  1. The sums of income types of "main importance" vary from 105 to 115% across different areas and socio-economic groups.
  2. In Gaza the Special Hardship Case Program as of present comprises approximately 12 000 refugee families.
  3. The classification "no labour-force member" refers to the last week prior to the survey, while main income types refer to a somewhat longer time period.
  4. It should be noted that the investigation of the typical time sequence for selling gold and other savings, or taking up debt and credits have been made from 6 pair vise relations between the four measures.

    Variations in disposition rights between the elements of net household wealth (for example women's role in disposition of jewelry) have not been taken into account. Finally we assume that the basic conditions for using the various meassures, e.g. the interest rates, or the price of gold, have not been dramatically changed since the Gulf War.

  5. See figure 3.5 (page 82) for relation between number of "discourages" and unemployed workers and household size.

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