Appendix 1:
Words and abbreviations

Arabic words used in the text

'amm: father's brother
baladiyya: village council
bet: house, home
daman-business: literally, guarantee-business, a form of yearly rent-contract of agricultural land found in south Lebanon.
dar: compound household
hamula: patrilineal descent group, i.e. a corporate clan tracing descent in the male line.
hara: neighbourhood, quarter
hisar: siege of the refugee camps in Lebanon during the Camps War in 1985/86.
intifada: Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza, started in December 1987.
khal: mother's brother
wasta: connection, bribe


DoP Declaration of Principles
PIP Peace Implementation Programme
PLO Palestinian Liberation Organisation
PRCS Palestinian Red Crescent Society
SHC Special Hardship Case
UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency


1 Jordanian Dinar (JD) = 1,6 USD
1 Lebanese Lira (LL) = 0,0006 USD


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