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Association for Environmental and Developmental Studies in the Arab World

  • AEDSAW ACTIVITIES AT MESA 2000 in Orlando, Florida

      In this session the panelists will examine various current and crucial issues that deal with environment, natural resources and development in several Arab countries (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt).

      Gloria Ibrahim Saliba (UCLA) in her talk Observations on the Environmental Movement in Post-war Lebanon will discuss the development of this movement and its role in the social and political change in post-war Lebanon.

      Dr. Sharif Elmusa will argue in his paper The Truth About the Coming Water Wars in the Middle East: Focus on the Euphrates-Tigris Rivers that the necessary conceptual and empirical work that would put prediction about future water wars in the Middle East, on solid grounds has yet to be done and that a case-study approach is essential. He proposes a methodology (technical and political) of the information and analysis required as an input into prediction.

      Dr. Gunter Meyer, in his talk “Gated Communities on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt:A Contribution to Sustainable Development?” The paper will look at the sustainability of the development of “tourist villages” that have been built as “gated communities” or are under construction along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. It will discuss its social and economic ramifications including its impact on the local Bedouins. The presentation is based on three field studies by the author in 1995, 1999 and 2000.

      Dr Galal Osman in his paper “Health of Children in Mega City of Cairo,” Dr Osman discuss the impact of urbanization on widening gaps in access to health services between rich and poor; changing patterns in infant feeding; heightened risk of food insecurity for very poor families in the urban cash economy; and exposure to the pollution and contaminants that pervade the urban environment. . Yet with the increasing proportion of the population in developing countries who are urban dweller, attention to urban health —particularly the health problems of the urban poor — is an increasingly demanding priority.

      Borre Ludvigsen in his talk “Web-publishing an industrial and political adventure in Lebanon; Tapline -shattered ideals and insights gained” This talk will discuss some of the empowering, but also disturbing aspects of publishing cultural information in and about societies where much cultural information is considered a very powerful weapon traditionally belonging in the domain of the few. It will also discuss the background information, facts and statistics about the Al Mashriq cultural webserver. Also an overview of the background to the Trans Arabian Pipeline Company how on illustrating how collecting the facts both overt and covert would hardly have been possible without the aid of the Internet especially during the publishing process.


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