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Association for Environmental and Developmental Studies in the Arab World

  • AEDSAW ACTIVITIES AT MESA 2001 in San Francisco

      Board meeting 7-8 -Pacific Concourse A

      Business Meeting: Nov. 17: 8- 9:30 pm (Seacliff D)

      Current Events Session 2001- on Nov. 18th: 8-10 pm (Seacliff C)

      AEDSAW Current Events Session 2001 Organized by Gloria Saliba

      The speakers in this panel will discuss the crucial topics dealing with environment and development in different parts of the Arab world. These topics include public health concerns and policies, environmental challenges and environmental activism, gentrification and socioeconomic change, in addition to discussing the development in technological applications, the environmental, socioeconomic and political impact of water conflicts and land reclamation projects.

      Chair: Sandy Sufian, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis

      Discussant: Gloria Saliba, UCLA

      "Food Safety and Health in the Middle East” Osman Galal, UCLA

      Food safety as a public health issue in the Middle East will be discussed in the present paper, which will focus on food safety in its broadest sense. In addition to freedom from microbiological hazards, the secure availability of food and its nutritional quality are included. The paper will also include attention to non-nutrient food substances that have a direct impact on health and disease by promoting or preventing degenerative diseases as cancer and cardiovascular ailments. The present paper will discuss the standards followed to ensure food safety, and the main challenges in this area that face public health in the Middle East. The importance of raising the nutrition literacy among Middle East populations will be projected as an important public health education issue to ensure food safety as an important element of food security.

      "Water Conflicts and Environmental Impact of the New Mega-Projects in Egypt” Günter Meyer, University of Mainz

      President Hosni Mubarak's "mega-projects for the millennium”, which aim to reclaim hundreds of thousands of hectares of land from the desert, are truly on a Pharaonic scale. Inside 20 years it is planned that the “Northern Sinai Development Project" and the "Southern Egypt Development Project" (Toshka Project) will provide new towns as well as employment for at least three million people. Based on the author's fieldwork in these regions the paper will give an overview about the present state of development and analyse the various environmental and economic problems resulting from both projects. The international implications on the sharing of Nile water between the neighboring states and the chances for saving water through the improvement of the present system of water distribution in the old agricultural land of the Egyptian Nile valley and Delta will also be discussed.

      "Creating Digital Books-Womens' Oral History And The Humor Of Civil Strife" Barre Ludvigsen , Høgskolen i Østfold / American University of Beirut

      This presentation will illustrate some of the potential for recording, preservation and distribution of rich cultural material from the Arab world with two current projects under development out of Beirut. One is an innovative "digital book" based on oral history as related by Palestinian women in displacement in greater Palestine. It is created in very simple format of oral history and images. The material has been collected and edited by Rosemary Sayigh and is authored in collaboration with Barre Ludvigsen. The second project is an equally simple recording and publication of a series of radio programs made by Ziad el Rahbani and JeanChamoun during the Lebanese civil war. The presentation illustrates and discusses the very simple and easy methods and readily available resources used to record, preserve and publish the material. It also addresses some of the common difficulties and misapprehensions associated with such projects that prevent material from being published. (


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