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  • AEDSAW ACTIVITIES AT MESA 2002 in Washington D.C.

           AEDSAW: Focusing on Predicaments and Highlights
           in Arab Environment and Development
           At this year's MESA conference AEDSAW's session will include an
           open discussion where participants are invited to comment on
           and debate environmental and developmental problems and
           solutions in the area. Opening the session will be a short
           introduction to AEDSAW and its activities with a short talk by
           Prof. Barre Ludvigsen of AUB highlighting emerging
           environmental concerns and the role of the Internet in
           preserving historical information on the environment. Of
           particular note will be the pioneering work of Adrienne
           Bonfils, Antoine Poidebard and George Post.
           The Bonfils family of photographers are among the famous visual
           recorders of the Levant prior to the popularization of
           picture-taking with roll film and box cameras. Their large
           negatives and Adrienne's vow to record the famous views of the
           area before the changes of modern industrialization set in
           incidentally also produced excellent records of the
           Antoine Poidebard pioneered the use of both aerial and
           underwater photography in archaeological exploration and
           surveying during the first half of the 20th century. He thus
           incidentaly also recorded quite acurately the state of the
           natural environment on high resolution film.
           George Post who was one of the founders of AUB was also
           responsible for building an impressive collection of plants
           from Syria and Lebanon into what is now the Post Herbarium. The
           collection was the basis for his "Flora of Syria, Palestine and
           The works of all three pioneers of the Middle East
           environment have been hidden in limited publications and
           generally inaccessible archives. Bearing in mind that
           environmental and developmental concerns have a
           historical dimension that underpins many of today's ills
           and tomorrows solutions, their works and discoveries are
           inspirational and valuable knowledge.
           Thus the scope of these three personalities' work, both
           intentional and incidental, might be used as a framework
           for an ensuing discussion at this years AEDSAW session.
           Contributors to the session are invited to submit a short
           note of their subject of interest to the session chair at
           the start of the meeting to facilitate the organization
           of the discussion.

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