Many Layered Pastries

BAQLAWA (Turkish)

        2 cups pastry flour, unsifted
        2 eggs
        2 Tbsp. salad oil
        3/4 tsp. salt
        1/4 cup tepid water
        1 cup ground walnuts
        1 cup melted butter
        Pinch of baking powder
Mix flour, eggs and salad oil. Work in the water a little at a time. Knead 15 minutes until very smooth. Divide dough into ten portions and form each into a ball. Roll out on pastry board, liberally dusted with cornstarch, into thin sheets about 10 inches in diameter. Stack the sheets in a round baking pan, brushing each sheet with melted butter and sprinkling walnuts between every third sheet. Score the top in a diamond pattern with a very sharp knife. Bake in a hot oven until well puffed, flaky and lightly browned. While hot cover with simple hot syrup made with three parts sugar to one part water. Chill. Cut in diamond shapes along scored lines.

(From Food from the Arab World Marie Karam Khayat and Margaret Clark Keatinge, Khayat's, Beirut 1959)