Laban with Meat


        2 cups leg of lamb cut in one-inch cubes
        1 1/2 cups chopped onion
        2 1/2 cups water
        1 1/2 tsp. salt
        Several lamb bones
Bring meat to a boil with water and salt. Skim off foam. Add onions (small whole white onions may be used). Cook under pressure for 30 minutes. Open pressure cooker and let simmer until liquid is reduced to less than one-half cup. Cool. Add laban which has been prepared according to the recipe for cooking laban (see p. 119). Simmer over a low fire until the sauce thickens. Crushed garlic and crushed dried coriander seeds should be fried quickly in fat and added. Serve tepid with riz mufalfal. Serves six.

(*) His mother's laban.

(From Food from the Arab World Marie Karam Khayat and Margaret Clark Keatinge, Khayat's, Beirut 1959)