Meat Patties with Laban


        1 cup ground meat
        1 cup chopped onion
        1/4 cup pine nuts
        1/2 cup samneh (or other shortening)
        1 tsp. salt
        1/4 tsp. pepper
        6 cloves of garlic
        1/2 tsp. chopped kizbara (coriander)
This is a well flavored dish of very small meat-filled turn- overs smothered in a rich laban gravy. The unusual flavor comes from the combination of garlic and coriander.

Prepare a dough with 1 1/2 cups bread flour, half cup shortening, 1 tsp. salt and half cup cold water. Knead lightly and roll out a thin sheet on floured board.

Make the stuffing as follows:

Fry onions, pine nuts and meat lightly. Season and mix well.

Cut the dough into circles not larger than two inches in diameter. Put a teaspoon of stuffing on each and fold over. Press edges together firmly. Now bend the half circle so that both ends meet. Place on a tray and dry in a slow oven for 15 minutes. Heat one recipe of cooked laban and simmer the shish barak until the dough seems cooked. Crushed garlic, salt and kizbara should be fried separately and gently in a small amount of samneh to enhance their flavors. If fresh kizbara is not on the market, use the dried or substitute a few pounded seeds. Add to laban and simmer. Serve tepid with rice. Serves six.

(From Food from the Arab World Marie Karam Khayat and Margaret Clark Keatinge, Khayat's, Beirut 1959)