Glossary of Arabic Terms
    Abaya Rectangular cloak without set-in sleeves.
    Abba Overcoat of straight cut with elbow-length sleeves.
    Agal Black tasseled cord which is wound around the head.
    Ezar Enveloping dress draped from a single rectangle of cloth.
    Gabani Type of all-over embroidery.
    Gambaz Ankle-length gown worn by both men and women.
    Henna Red stain applied to hair, hands and feet for beauty.
    Jubbe Loose straight Bedouin jacket of dark wool.
    Kab-kab Clog type of shoe.
    Kaffia Head scarf.
    Kaftan Coat.
    Kamis Shirt.
    Kohl Cosmetic used to darken eyelashes and eyelids.
    Kubran Ornamental bolero jacket or vest.
    Labbade Felt peasant cap, shaped like a cone and made of camel's hair.
    Libas Underpants.
    Mandeal Headscarf or small veil in present use by women.
    Shambar Black veil with embroidered border, now obsolete.
    Shatweh High headdress of Bethlehem women.
    Sherwal Full trousers.
    Tantour Tall pointed headdress of Lebanese women, now obsolete.
    Tarbiah White veil.
    Taqiah Colored cotton or silk skull cap.
    Zouk Tapestry woven silk cloth named for village where made.
    Zunnar Wide belt of bias folded cloth.

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