Lebanese Village Man

Although there is no national costume of Lebanon as such, this outfit comes close to being representative of prevailing dress among those men who have not adopted western styles completely.

This costume combines the traditional labbade, kaffia, agal, kubran and sherwal with a western shirt and suit coat. Missing entirely are the moustaches which are common among Lebanese mountaineers. This is the dress worn mostly by villagers and particularly by those living on Mount Lebanon.

The sherwal worn by this man is of black serge. His summer sherwal might be of light colored material although many wear the black outfit all year around. The kubran showing beneath his coat is of striped silk brocade bound with braid and fastened with a solid row of silk covered buttons.

The villager's labbade is made of felted camel's hair. Over it he wears a black kaffia and agal. Some mountaineers wear the labbade pushed further back on the head and wind the kaffia around it, dispensing with the agal. A tarboush is sometimes worn instead of a labhade.

This man has on a western shirt with turn down collar. The tra ditional shirt has only a narrow band collar.


Lebanese Village Man


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