Syrian Woman of the Jebel Druze

A characteristic feature of the Syrian Druze costume which is illustrated by this model is the accented normal waistline achieved by the fitted bodice and full skirt.

This young woman wears a grecn velvet gambaz embroidered with silver thread. The material is in keeping with the woman's liking for velvet, satin and other ornnte fabrics in fashioning her costume. The three-quarter length sleeves are typical. A contrasting vest in this case of thin white silk fills in the low neckline. The long apron tied around the waist is of white silk brocade woven with real silver threads.

The Syrian Druze headdress is as distinctive as it is lovely. It is contrived with a felt tarboush on top of which is mounted an engraved silver medallion. Gold coins are sewn in overlapping manner across the tarboush from temple to temple. The tarboush is placed on the head so that the row of coins lies just above the eyebrows. A filmy white veil is thrown over the tarboush to frame the face and complete the headdress.

The woman's pride in her long tresses is shown by the elaborate manner in which she plaits them into long braids which she lengthens and enhances with colored cords and tassels. Ear rings and bracelets and belt of gold or silver accent the costume.

Older Druze women will be observed in more conservative simple black dress with white veil. This attire is often seen in Beirut.


Syrian Woman of the Jebel Druze


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