Syrian Village Woman

Syrian village women wear an enveloping one piece garment called an ezar. It is a rectangle roughly twice as long as the woman is tall and when draped over the figure it gives the effect of a two piece hooded dress. A sash tied around the waist adjusts the length of the ezar and helps hold it in place.

The women who wear this costume may also be veiled. If they do not veil, they arrange the ezar so that it covers their hair and the lower part of the face.

Above the waist the garment is secured from inside by the hands.

Each village is distinguished by its own ezar. For example, the Hama woman pictured here on the left wears a cotton ezar hand block printed in stripes of red, dark blue and black dye. The woman on the right models the Homs dress woven and fashioned from the brilliant gold colored silk for which the village is famous. Women from other villages wear bright yellow, or black and green cotton print.

A simple dress is worn under the ezar, which is a garment for outdoor wear.


Syrian Village Woman


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