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These 57 pictures are from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

Collections of Bonfils pictures are available at several museums around the world. Bonfils' pictures may also be found on the open market at reasonable prices as their prints were quite usual and produced in large numbers.

21 General view of Jerusalem from Northeast, Vue generale de Jerusalem.

22 Convent of Mar Saba, Palestine, Couvent de Mar-Saba. Palestine.

23 General view of Jericho, Palestine, Jericho, vue generale. Palestine.

24 View of Haifa from the Sea, Palestine. Haiffa pris de la mer.

25 St. Jean d'Acre, St-Jean d'Acre.

26 Zahleh, A Village of Anti-Lebanon, Syria, Zahleh, villade de l'Anti-Liban, Syrie.

27 General View of Tyre, Vue generale de Tyr, Palestine.

28 Beirut, View from the American College, Vue generale de Beyrouth, du College Americain.

29 Panorama of Beirut, Panorama de [Beyrouth]. (See next page for the complete panorama.)

30 Panorama of Beirut, continued, [Panorama de] Beyrouth. (See next page for the complete panorama.)

31 Mt. Hermon, Syria.

32 The Fortress of Sidon, Palestine.

33 Ain-Fidyeh (Anti-Lebanon), Ain-Fidyeh (Anti-Liban).

34 Racheya, Syria, Racheya, vue generale.

35 Cedars of Lebanon, Les cedres du Liban avec la niege, Syrie.

36 Bridge over the Dog River, Beirut, Syria, Le pont du Fleuve du Chien, Syrie.

37 Ras Beirut, Raz Beyrouth.

38 General view of Beirut, Beyrouth, vue generale. Syrie.

39 [Beirut],Beyrouth.

40 Beirut from the Hill of St. George, Beyrouth pris de la colline St-George.