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These 57 pictures are from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

Collections of Bonfils pictures are available at several museums around the world. Bonfils' pictures may also be found on the open market at reasonable prices as their prints were quite usual and produced in large numbers.

01 View of Jaffa from the Sea, Jaffa vu de la mer.

02 [Part of] A panoramic view of the Bonfils workshop in Beirut.The frames lined up hold prints being made by contact with a glass negative and exposure to the sun. Collection of the Bonfils family.

03 [Dance of the almes and the Arab singers] Danse de almees et chanteuses arabes.

04 [View of Mount Hermon taken from Racheya]

05 [Rug shop, Cairo] Magasin de tapis...Le Caire

06 [Gateway of the platform of the Dome of the Rock] Porte de la plate-forme de la mosquee d'Omar.

07 Detail of the decorative letterhead for the Villa de Chenes in Brummana, showing Adrien's new role as hotel proprietaire.

08 [Palestine, view of Sidon] Palestine. Vue de Sidon.

09 [Palestine, bridge over the Jordan, side view] Palestine. Pont du Jourdain, vue laterale.

10 [Palestine, bridge over the Jordan, front view] Palestine. Pont du Jourdain, vue de face.

11 Place of the Temptation on Mt. Quarantania, Palestine, Lieu de la tentatioin sur le mont de la quarantaine. Palestine.

12 [Palestine, genral view of Ceasarea] Palestine. Vue generale de Ceasarea.

13 [Fortress of Kerak, taken from the east] Forteresse de Kerak, prise de l'estd.

14 Greek ceremony of washing the feet in the outside court of the Holy Sepulchre. Ceremonie du lavement de pied chez les Grecs, devant le St-Sepulchre.

15 The Jews Wailing Place, a Friday, Mur des Juifs, un vebdredi.

16 Via Dolorosa, Station Seven, Jerusalem. Porte judiciaire, VII Station.

17 Mosque of Omar [Dome of the Rock] and David's Judgment Seat, Jerusalem, Mosquee d'Omar et tribunal de David.

18 The Sacred Rock, Mosque of Omar [Dome of the Rock], Jerusalem.

19 Mosque of El-Aksa, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Mosquee, El-Aksa.

20 Mosque of Omar [Dome of the Rock] from the South, Jerusalem.