Books and Literature about Hizbullah
and related matters
Hezbollah : Born With a Vengeance
Hala Jaber, Hardcover - 288 pages (May 1997), Columbia University Press; ASIN: 0231108346.

Hizb'allah in Lebanon, The Politics of the Western Hostage Crisis
Magnus Ranstorp, St. martin's Press, New York 1997 ISBN0-312-16491-2
With foreword by Terry Waite. Ranstorp is at the Department of International Realations of the University of St. Andrews at Fife.

The Vanished Imam; Musa al Sadr and the Shia of Lebanon
Fouad Ajami, Cornell University Press, Ithica and London, 1986 ISBN 0-8014-9416-8

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