Jehad Al Benaa Developmental Association

Note: This text is from brochure published by JBDA and provided by Hizbullah's Foreign Relations Office in May 1998.
- Børre Ludvigsen, ed. Al Mashriq

The logo of Jihad el Binna


Jehad Al Benaa Developmental Association (JBDA) was established officially on September/12th /1988 to face the very hard times and problems which were provoked by civil war in. Lebanon . This war caused economical and social damage which lead to high rate of immigration and displacement, and increased the percentage of poverty within both urban and rural regions.

As a result , 30% of the Lebanese habitants became under the poverty level, And 60% of them were living in the rural sector working mainly in agriculture.


From the many reasons that JBDA was established for there are the followings:

  1. To establish many constructional and humanitarian projects such as Hospitals, Schools, Cultural Centers and Public clinics in order to raise the social level of population in Lebanon.
  2. To Dig and install artesian wells, to construct water tanks and towers, beside the installment of water network, irrigation canals and sanitary sewers.
  3. To construct developed. houses to accomodation the orphans and war casualties.
  4. To help the farmers with different development and extension methods to properly use their land and increase their production level and incomes.
  5. To install. electrical networks and generators in the very far villages
  6. To construct many educational and training institutions mainly for the orphans and poor people.
  7. To help refugees to find shelters during the emergent war crisis

From the many resources that JBDA receives its financial support are the followings:

  1. Members' subscriptions.
  2. Governmental aids.
  3. Charities and wills.
  4. Cooperation with different NGOs and international organizations.


  1. The main center of JBDA is found in Beirut-Haret Horick main street-Rotex building Tel: 03- 317325/01-820563/01-826688.
  2. Beirut branch in Rowais-Alradoof area.
  3. Baalbek branch in Rass Al-Ayn area.
  4. Western Bekaa branch in Mashghara -AI bayadir area.
  5. South branch in Nabatieh near Alsarai.


  1. Cooperation: Jihad AL-Benaa assures the cooperation between all popular sectors, and the. participation of people with each others to perform their work Also JBDA assures the cooperation, among national and international associations and organizations that deal with humanity.
  2. Self- dependence: JBDA believes that depending on owns self will serve the whole society. For this reason Jihad AL-Binaa focuses on the development of rural and suburb regions and mainly the poor areas that contain efficient and productive people.


JBDA had accomplished during 7 years of continuous work, the following projects:


Construction projects:

JBDA is known as one of the largest developmental associations that assure self-confidence between Lebanese people in order to build our country through different accomplishments in different regions .