Mats Wärn: Staying the Course: the "Lebanonization" of Hizbullah

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List of informants in Lebanon(interviews):

Bayan, Ibrahim. M.P. (Sunni Muslim) and member of the Bloc Loyal to the Resistance, Beirut, 20th May 1998.

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Hejazi, Sayyed Molid. Head of the technical department at the Hospital of the Omnipotent Prophet, Beirut, 9th May 1998.

Husayn, Sister Fatima. Manager, Hizbollah's Women Organization, Beirut, 28th May 1998.

Kayrouz, Rabiah. M.P. (Christian Maronite) and member of the Bloc Loyal to the Resistance, Beirut, 20th May 1998.

Mashmoussi, Muhammad. Deputy editor at al-Safir (Lebanese daily), Beirut, 27th May 1998.

Mortada, Dr. Abdallah. Spokesman at the Foreign Relation Office of Hizbollah, Beirut, 2nd and 4th June 1998.

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Naim, Dr. Nabil. Head of Hizbollah's student orgnanization, Beirut, 4th May 1998.

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Salem, Paul. Political analyst at the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, Beirut, 23rd April 1998.

Young, Michael. Political analyst at the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies and weekly columnist at The Beirut Daily Star, Beirut, 16th May 1998.

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