S/RES/436 (1978)
                                                    6 October 1978

                            RESOLUTION 436 (1978)

            Adopted by the Security Council at its 2089th meeting
                              on 6 October 1978

     The Security Council,

     Noting with grave concern the deteriorating situation in Beirut and
its surroundings,

     Deeply grieved at the consequent loss of life, human suffering and
physical destruction,

     Noting the appeal made on 4 October 1978 by the President of the
Security Council and the Secretary-General,

     1.  Calls upon all those involved in hostilities in Lebanon to put
an end to acts of violence and observe scrupulously an immediate and
effective cease-fire and cessation of hostilities so that internal peace
and national reconcilation may be restored based on the preservation of
Lebanese unity, territorial integrity, independence and national

     2.  Calls upon all involved to allow units of the International
Committee of the Red Cross into the area of conflict to evacuate the
wounded and provide humanitarian assistance;

     3.  Supports the Secretary-General in his efforts and requests him
to continue these efforts to bring about a durable cease-fire and to
keep the Security Council informed on the implementation of the