S/RES/490 (1981)
                                                               21 July 1981

                            RESOLUTION 490 (1981)

            Adopted by the Security Council at its 2293rd meeting
                              on 21 July 1981

     The Security Council,

     Reaffirming the urgent appeal made by the President and the members of the
Security Council on 17 July 1981 (S/14599) which reads as follows:

     "The President of the Security Council and the members of the
     Council, after hearing the report of the Secretary-General,
     express their deep concern at the extent of the loss of life
     and the scale of the destruction caused by the deplorable
     events that have been taking place for several days in

     "They launch an urgent appeal for an immediate end to all
     armed attacks and for the greatest restraint so that peace
     and quiet may be established in Lebanon and a just and
     lasting peace in the Middle East as a whole."

     Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General in this respect:

     1.  Calls for an immediate cessation of all armed attacks;

     2.  Reaffirms its commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and
independence of Lebanon, within its internationally recognized boundaries;

     3.  Requests the Secretary-General to report back to the Council on the
implementation of this resolution as soon as possible and not later than 48
hours from its adoption.