S/RES/508 (1982)
                                                               5 June 1982

                            RESOLUTION 508 (1982)

            Adopted by the Security Council at its 2374th meeting
                         held on 5 June 1982

     The Security Council,

     Recalling Security Council resolution 425 (1978), 426 (1978) and the
ensuing resolutions, and more particularly, Security Council resolution 501

     Taking note of the letters of the Permanent Representative of Lebanon dated
4 June 1982 (S/15161 and S/15162),

     Deeply concerned at the deterioration of the present situation in Lebanon
and in the Lebanese-Israeli border area, and its consequences for peace and
security in the region,

     Gravely concerned at the violation of the territorial integrity,
independence, and sovereignty of Lebanon,

     Reaffirming and supporting the statement made by the President and the
members of the Security Council on 4 June 1982 (S/15163), as well as the urgent
appeal issued by the Secretary-General on 4 June 1982,

     Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General,

     1.  Calls upon all the parties to the conflict to cease immediately and
simultaneously all military activities within Lebanon and across the
Lebanese-Israeli border and no later than 0600 hours local time on Sunday, 6
June 1982;

     2.  Requests all Member States which are in a position to do so to bring
their influence to bear upon those concerned so that the cessation of
hostilities declared by Security Council resolution 490 (1981) can be respected;

     3.  Requests the Secretary-General to undertake all possible efforts to
ensure the implementation of and compliance with this resolution and to report
to the Security Council as early as possible and not later than forty-eight
hours after the adoption of this resolution.