S/RES/521 (1982)
                                                               19 September 1982

                            RESOLUTION 521 (1982)

            Adopted by the Security Council at its 2396th meeting
                         held on 19 September 1982

     The Security Council,

     Appalled at the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut,

     Having heard the report of the Secretary-General (S/15400),

     Noting that the Government of Lebanon has agreed to the dispatch of United
Nations Observers to the sites of greatest human suffering and losses in and
around that city,

     1.  Condemns the criminal massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut;

     2.  Reaffirms once again its resolutions 512 (1982) and 513 (1982) which
call for respect for the rights of the civilian population without any
discrimination and repudiates all acts of violence against that population;

     3.  Authorizes the Secretary-General as a immediate step to increase the
number of United Nations observers in and around Beirut from 10 to 50 and
insists that there shall be no interference with the deployment of the observers
and that they shall have full freedom of movement;

     4.  Requests the Secretary-General, in consultation with the Government of
Lebanon, to ensure the rapid deployment of those observers in order that they
may contribute in every way possible within their mandate, to the effort to
ensure full protection for the civilian population;

     5.  Requests the Secretary-General as a matter of urgency to initiate
appropriate consultations and in particular consultations with the Government of
Lebanon on additional steps which the Council might take, including the possible
deployment of United Nations forces, to assist that Government in ensuring full
protection for the civilian population in and around Beirut and requests him to
report to the Council within forty-eight hours;

     6.  Insists that all concerned must permit United Nations observers and
forces established by the Security Council in Lebanon to be deployed and to
discharge their mandates and in this connexion solemnly calls attention to the
obligation on all Member States under Article 25 of the Charter to accept and
carry out the decisions of the Council in accordance with the Charter;

     7.  Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Council informed on an
urgent and continuing basis.