S/RES/587 (1986)
                                                       23 September 1986

                        RESOLUTION 587 (1986)

         Adopted by the Security Council at its 2708th meeting
                        on 23 September 1986

     The Security Council,

     Recalling its resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978), as well as
resolutions 511 (1982), 519 (1982) and 523 (1982) and all the
resolutions relating to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon,

     Recalling the mandate entrusted to the United Nations Interim
Force in Lebanon by resolution 425 (1978) and the guidelines of the
Force set forth in the report of the Secretary-General dated
19 March 1978 (S/12611) and approved in resolution 426 (1978),

     Further recalling its resolutions 508 (1982), 509 (1982) and
520 (1982), as well as all its other resolutions relating to the
situation in Lebanon,

     Solemnly reaffirming that it firmly supports the unity,
territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Lebanon within
its internationally recognized boundaries,

     Deeply grieved over the tragic loss of human life and
indignant at the harassment and attacks to which the soldiers of the
Force are being subjected,

     Recalling in this connection the statement made on 5 September
by the President of the Council on its behalf (S/18320),

     Expressing its concern at the new obstacles to the freedom of
movement of the Force and at the threats to its security,

     Noting with regret that the Force, whose mandate has been
renewed for the twenty-first time, has so far been prevented from
fulfilling the task entrustsed to it,

     Recalling its resolutions 444 (1979), 450 (1979), 459 (1979),
474 (1980), 483 (1980) and 488 (1981), in which it expressed its
determination, in the event of continuing obstruction of the
mandate of the Force, to examine practical ways and means to
secure full and unconditional implementation of resolution 425 (1978),

     Emphasizing its conviction that this deterioration of the
situation constitutes a challenge to its authority and its

     1.  Condemns in the strongest terms the attacks committed
against the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon;

     2.  Expresses indignation at the support which such criminal
action may receive;

     3.  Pays homage to the courage, spirit of discipline and
composure of the soldiers of the Force;

     4.  Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General prepared
after the recent mission by his Representative in the region
(S/18348), particularly the paragraphs relating to the security
of the Force and the withdrawal of Israeli military forces from
southern Lebanon;

     5.  Takes note of the preliminary security measures decided on
by the Secretary-General and requests him to take any further
measures needed to enhance the security of the men of the Force in
their peace mission;

     6.  Urges all the parties concerned to co-operate unreservedly
with the Force in the fulfilment of its mandate;

     7.  Again calls for an end in southern Lebanon to any military
presence which is not accepted by the Lebanese authorities;

     8.  Requests the Secretary-General to make the necessary
arrangements for a deployment of the Force to the southern border
of Lebanon, and solemnly calls on all the parties concerned to
co-operate in the achievement of that objective;

     9.  Requests the Secretary-General to report to it within
twenty-one days on the application of this resolution.