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From: (Samer Daher)
Subject: The Cedars Awareness and Salvation Effort
Date: 26 Oct 1995 05:57:37 GMT
Organization: Boston University
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The Cedars Awareness and Salvation Effort

would like to invite you to a seminar


Rania Masri
Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University
Ph.D. Student at North Carolina State University


The Environment in Lebanon:
A General Study of Anthropogenic Effects
with an Emphasis on the Management of the Cidrus libani

A discussion of the human impact on the Lebanese ecosystem
in terms of pollution, extinction of secies and general deforestation,
with an emphasis on the Cedar forests

The seminar will take place at

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bldg 54 Room 100
6.30pm - 8.30pm on Thursday Nov. 9, 1995

The Cedars Awareness and Salvation Effort is organized
by the International Relief Fund

This Event has been made possible by the generous co-sponsorship
and invaluable help from the following groups:

The Lebanese Club at MIT . The Lebanese Social and Cultural Club at
Northeastern . The Arab Students Association at BU . The Middle Eastern
Association at Wellesley . The Arab Club at Tufts . Student Pugwash at MIT
The Deforestation Study Group at MIT . S.A.V.E. AT MIT . The Arab Club at Tufts

Refreshments and food will be available.


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