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Legal notice

This notice is LEGAL and BINDING.

Please distribute the transcript freely. Feel free to send to appropriate mailing lists at your school or organization. DO NOT send to inappropriate groups as that would be considered harassment. If any publication or mass distribution of the transcript is planned, please contact the author of the transcript first.

Please DO NOT POST to newsgroups or websites, unless you have an explicit permission from Rania Masri. Please make sure you obtain her approval before every public posting.

The ONLY acceptable form of editing can ONLY include erasing portions of the attached transcript. No paraphrasing or adding to these transcripts is allowed upon distribution. If any portions of the transcript will be erased, state that editing has been done and what sections were removed.

This distribution is free of charge. This is an essential term in the distribution. No profit or sales should result from distribution.

The seminar from which this transcript is drawn has been video-taped. The distribution of the video-tape should not result in sales or profit. It is NOT intended for sale. If you want a free copy, provide a blank 120-min video-tape and contact one of the following email addresses:

Samer Daher sambam@bu.edu
Jean-Claude Saghbini saghbini@mit.edu
Rania Masri rmasri@ncsu.edu

For specific questions or comments, either send email to any of the email addresses above or contact the author of these transcripts. The number is attached at the end.

Please, do not remove this attachment from the seminar transcripts.

Thank you all.

Samer K. Daher
Chairman of the Executive Board
International Relief Fund

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Conditions for posting the Cedar transcript on the web

  1. In addition to agreeing to the following conditions, all individuals who wish to post these documents at a WWW site must obtain the explicit permission of the author and sponsors of the seminar which was transcribed into these documents. The author and sponsors reserve the right to deny the permission at their discretion.
  2. There will be no changes to the transcript without explicit consent, either my consent alone or the consent of the International Relief Fund [the sponsors of the seminar in Boston] and myself.
  3. All those who post the transcript have to agree to linking to the petition Homepage which is the primary goal of the Cedars Awareness and Salvation Effort for the next couple of months. The secondary goal is to distribute the transcript.
  4. All individuals accessing the transcript site may return to the Homepage from which they came from the transcript site provided that the Homepage contains nothing of political or religious nature that may jeoperdize the unbiased stature of the IRF. We reserve the right to discontinue our permission to have anyone post the transcript to their web site if we feel it compromises IRF's position.
  5. No one can activate a link to the transcript of the seminar until the link to the petition Homepage is ready. The two links are corequisites. We fear that we may lose individuals who may otherwise sign the petition upon accessing the transcript site if the link to the petition Homepage were not available. It is obvious that anyone who accesses the transcript site will be interested in the Cedars and the environment in Lebanon, but that in no way is a guarantee that they will return to the site after accessing it once.
  6. Please attach our Legal and Binding notice and please add to it "Please note any modifications from original." This notice is for those who may download the transcript and then distribute it. They are welcome to do so as long as they do not add or change the wording of any statements. They may shorten the transcript, as long as they specify that they have done so and where they have done so. This notice could be attached as a link, since it would be difficult to have it appear in full on the same page. [personally, i would appreciate all those who would be utilizing the transcript to let me know of their activities. --rmasri]

Author of the transcript
Rania Masri
Ph.D. student in Forestry, North Carolina State University.

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The transcript contents were not modified. For HTML presenation, I have made some character substitutions, added a "Contents" section to the transcripts, and document navigation aids. Also, I have deleted a small number of characters which were intended to show the name of a publication in Arabic, because I couldn't decode them.

Technical: I used <TABLE> and <CENTER> tags. Some old browsers may not be able to process these tags. If there is any demand, I will extract the tables from the ASCII source, and make them available in <PRE> (preformatted) form which accomodates old browsers.

Antoun (Tony) Kanawati

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