AACS - Alumni Association of the American Community School - Beirut, Lebanon

ACS at Beirut Annual Fund

Your $25 can buy

  1. Musical instruments
  2. Athletic uniforms and equipment
  3. Materials for the resource center
(of course, any amount you can spare could make all the difference.)

In 1998 the text for the fund drive read:

"Catherine Bashshur, Head of Scool at ACS, has sent us a "wish list". Our challenge is to come up with $25,000 during the 1998-1999 academic year - if everyone gave $25, we'd reach our goal easily. If $25 seems a little steep, think of it this way:

Just give up one of the following during the next nine months:

  1. A nice breakfast out for two.
  2. Three sodas a month (for nine months).
  3. A couple of hair cuts (men, let your hair grow for ACS).
  4. A few Lattes
  5. A "Land's End" T-shirt

and tab@an, we'd meet our goal!"

Times have changed, but the school still needs your support. If you wish your contribution to pay for something special, send an email to Fadwa Ghannoum <fghannoum@acs.edu.lb> who will help with your wishes.

Make out your cheque today to: "ACS at Beirut Annual Fund"

Mail to:   AA/ACS Membership Services
           13570 N.E. 54the Place
           Bellevue, WA 98005-1036

Please advise if you don't want your name to be publicized.



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