AACS - Alumni Association of the American Community School - Beirut, Lebanon

On and around the Ain Mraisseh campus

Pictures on and around the Ain Mraisseh campus from various sources.

Satellite images of Ras Beirut and the campus
These high-resolution images were contributed by Ken Ferguson ('64).
The Ain Mraisseh campus in February 1997.
44 pictures large and small from the campus on February 26, 1997.
Aerial photographs from the 1960's
Pictures taken from Tapline's "milk-run" DC-3 on its approach to Beirut airport.
Photographs taken in July 1995
(Børre Ludvigsen)
The old school building Sidani Street
Photo courtesy of Stu Bruce '36 from (from POT) - Now it's gone Photo by alice Ludvigsen '70.
The Ain Mraisseh Academic Building in 1952
Photo courtesy of John Walker '54 (from POT) 1952, 1995 and 1997 compared
The AUB steps
Night view from the BD (BL 63)
AUB steps
(Looking down the 144 AUB steps)
Boarding Department
(Main entrance - 1969)
Students on Jeanne D'Arc
(Kathy Tracy and friend ? - around 1967)
View west
(From the Ghazarra building in 1970 - Sally Onnen)
Campus overview
from the Al Yamama building in 69 or 70, probably by Jay MacDonald. (Info from William Webster-Garman)
Eddie's snack-bar
(With Eddie himself - 1969)
BD front gate
5:00 sign in (Sally Onnen)
1200 pictures
from Lebanon 1995-96 - BL.


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