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Appendix C

ACS Promotional Flyer

A fountain of intellectual freedom
A leader in college preparatory education
A bridge for cross-cultural understanding
A resource for the development of enlightened leadership

	Founded in 1905, the American Community School in Beirut 
(ACS) has served young men and women of many nationalities in 
the Middle East and North Africa.  Originally established to 
respond to the educational needs of the sons and daughters of 
American educators, diplomats, and businessmen, ACS today serves 
an international student body, providing a structured curriculum 
designed to ensure success at the university level.  
	Exemplifying this success is a 1991 survey of alumni which 
showed that a remarkable 88% of ACS graduates had attained a 
Bachelor's degree, as compared to the average of 18% for all 
secondary schools in the United Statesİ.  Further, 34% had 
obtained a Master's degree, while 16% had two post-graduate 
degrees, including M.B.A, D.V.M., Ph.D., J.D., and M.D.  
Graduates of ACS include American ambassadors, a university 
president, and numerous physicians, lawyers and chief executive 
officers in American and international businesses.
	No period in its 91-year history tested ACS's mettle as did the 
nightmare of 15 years of national civil strife in Lebanon.  With 
the end of hostilities, the international diversity of the faculty has 
been expanded, new academic programs have been inaugurated, and 
the curriculum enlarged.  Buildings have been repaired and upgraded 
to accommodate computer and other high-technology equipment, 
and new construction projects have been launched.  100% percent 
of the graduating classes in 1994, 1995, and 1996 were accepted to 
college or university.


ACS has a faculty of 140, and a support staff of 48. Its Faculty/Student ratio 
has averaged 1:8 for the last five years, as compared to 1:15 for private high 
schools in the U.Sı. The Head of School received the Distinguished 
Principal's Award from the United States Secretary of Education in 1988.

The curriculum, taught in English, is American College Preparatory with an 
emphasis on mathematics, science, language skills (English, Arabic and 
French), social studies and history, including U.S. history.  ACS also offers 
course work leading to the International Baccalaureate.
ACS is chartered by the State Regents of New York.  It was accredited by 
the Middle States Association of College and Schools in 1994 after a 
comprehensive two-year review of its curriculum, faculty, administration, 
and services.  It is the only college preparatory school in the Middle East so 
Student Body
The co-educational student body has rebounded in size from a low of 45 
during the worst period of the civil war to 1,003 during the 1995-1996 
school year.  The leadership of the high school classes and the Student 
Council are elected by students as a hands-on lesson in democracy at work.  

Admission is based solely on academic potential, and is highly selective.  
Admission is offered without regard to race, creed, national origin, gender, or 
religious belief.

Campus and Libraries
The grounds of ACS adjoin the campus of the American University of 
Beirut, within 100 meters (330 feet) of Beirut's Corniche along the 
Mediterranean Sea.  The preschool, elementary, and high school are housed 
in two of four buildings, each with its own library.  The other two buildings 
on the 16,000 square meter campus provide a gymnasium, administrative 
offices, and faculty housing.

Budget and Funding
The 1996-1997 operating budget of ACS is approximately $4,500,000.  
Sources of income include tuition (90%), grants from USAID's American 
Schools and Hospitals Abroad (9%?), and gifts from alumni (1%).  A new 
but growing category includes gifts and grants from international 
corporations as the business community in Beirut is renewed due to the 
expanding economy in order to address the educational needs of the children 
of corporate managers.  The alumni annually funds the Malcolm Kerr 
Scholarship for needy students in honor of Malcolm Kerr '49, later President 
of the American University of Beirut  The Walter Prosser Endowment 
awards a prize annually to the student who excels in academic achievement 
and service.  The Blair Harcourt '75 Endowment provides a gift and 
scholarship annually to the graduating student who excels in both athletics 
and academics.  Alumni also contribute to the Turmelle Physical Facilities 
Restoration Fund (honoring two of the ACS faculty/administrators who 
taught from 1955 to 1985) to offset damage caused during the civil war.

Board of Trustees

Mr. Samuel D. Constan '53, Glencoe, Illinois
[President, Crystal Sales & Marketing, Inc.]
Dr. Landry T. Slade, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Vice Chairman
 [Assistant to the President, American. University of Beirut]
Mr. Walter Prosser, New York, New York
 [International Institutional Services, Inc.]
Mr. Einar L. Larson, Northport, New York
[Comptroller, American University of Beirut]
Ms. Eileen V. Knight, Kennet Square, Pennsylvania
[Educator, Kennet Square School System]
Ms. Barbara A. Porter '71, New York, New York
[Simpson, Thatcher & Bartlett]
Dr. Richard E. Rodman, Asheville, North Carolina
[Associate Dean, Warren Wilson College]
Ms. Margaret Orr Thomas, Louisville, Kentucky
[Liaison, Middle East Presbyterian Church (USA)]
Mr. William P. Van Arsdale,New York, New York
[Vice President - Finance, American University of Beirut]
Mr. Eric Widmer, Deerfield, Massachusetts
[Headmaster, Deerfield Academy]


Ms. Catherine Carlin Bashshur 
Head of School
Ms. Manahel Kobeisi
Principal of the High School
Mr. Richard Bowden
Principal of the Middle School
Ms. Ebba El-Hage
Principal of the  Elementary School
Ms. Maysa Boubess
Director of the Pre-School
Ms. Laila Faris Alamuddin '62
Dean of Student Affairs
Ms. Ibtissam Saadawi
Director of Public Relations

Alumni Association

Executive Committee
Mr. Jonathan Stacey '61, President, Beaverton, Oregon
Ms. Rebecca Sibley '70, Vice President, Boulder, Colorado
Mr. F. William Tracy '53, Secretary, Houston, Texas
Mr. Leonard Smith '67, Treasurer, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Board of Governors
Mr. Walter W. Beebe '56, Louisville, Colorado
Ms. Melanie Brechtel '72, New Orleans, Louisiana
Major Joseph A. Bruder '74, Kailua, Hawaii
Ms. Deborah Sheppard Burris '68, Alexandria, Virginia
Ms. Bette Beebe Crane '57, Spokane, Washington
Ms. Donna Egan-Donahoo (Faculty), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Ms. Katherine Moore Grant '70, Gladstone, Missouri
Dr. Jon E. Mandaville '55, Portland, Oregon
Ms. Linda Handschin Sheppard '68, Bellevue, Washington
Mr. Ralph H. Turley III '59, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Dr. Cynthia Soghikian Wolfe '72, Mill Valley, California
For Information, Contact:

In New York

Mr. Walter Prosser
American Community School in Beirut
850 Third Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, New York  10022
Phone (212) 319-2453 / Fax (212) 752-6971

In Beirut

Ms. Catherine Bashshur, Head of School
American Community School at Beirut
P.O. Box 8129
Beirut, Lebanon
Phone 011-961-1-632283
Fax 011-961-1-366050


The History of the American Community School at Beirut