Al mashriq - The Levant

Fondest Memories of ACS

  • "Field trips -- B.D. life." -- Glenna Hartman Higgins '50.
  • "One big family." -- Bill Tracy '53.
  • "Hikes to the Dog River." -- Judy Webster Bauer '55.
  • "The 'old' facility on Sidani Street." -- Juergen Greineder '55.
  • "The people." -- Virginia ("Ginger") Moore Wantling '56.
  • "Dancing in the B.D. soda shop." -- Robert Lowenthal '56.
  • "Valentine's Dance, 1954 -- my first formal date -- and we ended up being married!!" -- Jack Sommer '56.
  • "The dorm and schoolmates." -- Pete Fleury '61.
  • "The location, the soft air, trips to the beach and ski areas. Playing basketball in Sidon & Tyre." -- Jon Van Dyke '61.
  • "BD food." -- Diz Caldwell '61.
  • "Dancing in the rumpus room after dinner." -- Charlie Minette Kaplow '62.
  • "The Corniche." -- Linda Ramsay de Kort '62.
  • "Hanging out in the garden of the little store, playing with the cats." -- Karen Stingle '62.
  • "The wonderful day trips and in around Beirut." -- Carol Vandenborre Serventi '62.
  • "Dr. Dorman telling his stories about some donkey (I've forgotten the name) at chapel. The carnivals, Christmas programs, plays, trips to the mountains to find fossils in river beds." -- Gail Chandler Hawkins '63.
  • "Hanging out with the "Big Seniors" of the class of '61; sitting on my 5th floor balcony overlooking the Med and listening to "Wonderland by Night" waft up from Kameel's." -- Pat Rieger Hayes '63.
  • "Introduction to Lebanese food." -- Barbara Maddy Durbin '63.
  • "The smells, the sounds, and above all the incredible sights of Ras Beirut." Jeff Hutchins '65.
  • "Trifle for dessert; Nursie's lemonade and TLC; Friday night movies and dancing in the snackbar..." -- Lynne Tietjen Gill '65.
  • "Making it from the 2nd floor to the 6th floor of the B.D. and visiting all my friends in between without getting caught. -- Jenelle Howard McGee '66.
  • "Birthday on field trip to Cairo, Egypt. Miss Rich and some other teacher bought a huge cake for me!" -- Mary Ann New Hjalmarson '68.
  • "Coming back to the B.D. after summer vacations and seeing all my friends again!" -- Alice Ludvigsen Mogens '70.
  • "The beginning of each school year -- it was always like a reunion!" -- Melanie Brechtel '72.
  • "My best friend Michael Bastick -- a girl with a boy's first name." -- Sarah Foster Lara '72.
  • "Listening to music in the dorm room on a lazy Sunday afternoon while the setting sun and warm sea breeze wafted through the open window..." -- Lisa Moore '72.
  • "Hanging out around the tree in the courtyard." -- Catherine Essoyan '73.
  • "The closeness of all who attended." -- Pete Canarela '73.
  • "The early war years -- having unlimited access to the gym and spending hours jumping on the trampoline." -- Beth Whitman '78.
  • "When a new batch of teachers arrived in September of 1954 that included Elsa Jane Putman." -- Will Turmelle (Fac).