AACS - Alumni Association of the American Community School - Beirut, Lebanon

The Class of 1963
Various photographs contributed by Andy Harada '63

Nancy Novak

Noelle Dudley


Robert Thomas

Paolo Mercurelli

Corinne Smith

Elizabeth Heck

Nancy Myer

Jane Monroe, et.al.

Ann Marie Dinney

Jane Monroe, et.al.

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:59:09 -0700
From: Andy
Subject: '63 Graduation pictures

I've just come across pictures of the IF ( '63 senior BD guys along w/ Miss Monroe), as well as pictures of Nancy Myer, Bob Thomas, Paul Mercureli, Betsey Heck, Bill Campbell, Nancy Novak, Corrine Smith, Noelle Dudley accepting their diplomas.

If anyone knows their address I'll be happy to get these 35 year old B/W 5x7s to them.



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