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Site Organization
Privacy Policy

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the POT-on-the-Web. This is our first attempt at delivering the quarterly newsletter on the World Wide Web so please bear with us. For information about the rationale for exploring this media at this time, please read Jon Stacey's "Editor's Corner", under the "Reports" section. We have had to make some changes to the organization and content of the POT to accomodate this media, so a brief overview of the site's structure and our privacy policy seems in order.

Site Organization
The Web-based POT is divided into four sections: Index, Reports, Alumni News and Articles. Each of these sections have navigation bars at their beginning and end along with a table of contents. The following table describes the mapping between the online and printed versions of the POT:

Section Contents
  • Late Breaking Information
  • The Diaspora Potrezebe Masthead
  • Editor's Corner
  • President's Report
  • Report from ACS
  • Dues Appeal and Fund Raising Report
Alumni News
  • Alumni Notes
  • New Members
  • Kudos
  • In Memoriam
  • Alumni Articles

Photos submitted by the membership will be sprinkled liberally throughout the content.

Privacy Policy
The printed POT has always been delivered to a "closed" membership and contained a wealth of personal information to facilitate contact between individual members. The online version of the POT is delivered using a medium which has little or no safeguards to prevent non-members from viewing its contents and, potentially, using the information contained therein for other than the intended purpose(s).
For this reason, the editorial staff of the POT has decided to remove all references to AA/ACS members' postal/email addresses and telephone/FAX numbers from the online version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our membership, but this information will continue to be available in the printed POT.

Thank you for your visit.
Matt Hunt '70
AA/ACS Web Content Consultant (Acting)

Jonathan G. Stacey '61
Assistant Editor & Membership Services
Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68
Past Editors
Peter G. Gibson (Fac), Founding Editor, 1978-1986
Constance Scott-Walker '76, Editor, 1986-1990
Contributing Staff
Peter Moller '61 (Alumni Directory/Mailing Labels)
Børre Ludvigsen '64 (Overseas Correspondent)

Executive Committee and Governors
Michael G. Sena '62, President
Jonathan G. Stacey '61, Vice-President
Charlie Minette-Kaplow '62, Secretary
Andrew Killgore '62, Treasurer

Governors of the Association
Anne Bruder '70
Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac)
Vicky Helling-Olson '63
Børre Ludvigsen '64
Peter Moller '61
Katherine ("Kathy") Moore-Grant '70
Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68
Leonard Smith '67
Cynthia Soghikian-Wolfe '72
F. William ("Bill") Tracy '53

Governors Ex-Officio
Catherine Bashshur (Fac), Head of School
Samuel D. Constan '53 (Trus), Chair, ACS Board of Trustees
George Abi Habib '99, President of the ACS Student Council

Becky Sibley '70

The Diaspora Potrezebie is published quarterly as a nonprofit activity of the Alumni Association of the American Community School at Beirut, Inc. Subscriptions are provided free to all members of the Alumni Association. Annual membership dues are $15. Please make checks payable to the Alumni Association of ACS (AA/ACS). All correspondence should be sent to AA/ACS Membership Services, 13570 NE 54th Place, Bellevue, WA 98005-1036. Our official "legal" address is: Alumni Association of the American Community School at Beirut, Inc., 850 Third Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10022. AA/ACS does not take positions on, nor promulgate opinions about, religious, political, or social topics or issues and does not endorse the positions or opinions taken from time to time by contributors to this newsletter. © 1999 Alumni Association of the American Community School at Beirut, Inc. All rights reserved.

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