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AACS - Alumni Association of the American Community School - Beirut, Lebanon

EVENT:  Reunion 2000

PLACE:  Portland, Oregon, USA

DATES:  1-4 July, 2000

REUNION CHAIR:  Jon Stacey '61 01+ (503) 524-8915

HOTEL:  The Portland Hilton
        921 S.W. Sixth Avenue
        Portland, Oregon 97204-1296
        (503) 226-1611
        Reservations 1-800-HILTONS


REUNION COMMITTEE:      TBD -- First meeting in June-Sept 1999

EVENT:  Reunion 2005

REUNION 2005 will be in Beirut, Lebanon.  Exact dates are yet to
be determined, but will likely coincide with graduation.  Start 
saving for this now, seven years ahead of time, as round-trip 
airfare from Washington D.C. to Beirut was $1,700 per person 
in June 1998.  There will be plenty of hotel space, but hotels c
lose to the school are the most expensive. 

[Borre inserts general info on less expensive hotels here]


Q:  So, what happens between 2000 and 2005, since AA/ACS has 
        always had a reunion every three years?

A.  The AA/ACS Board of Governors is embarking on the creation
        of East, Central, and West "regions" within the U.S.,
        plus a European Region.  Therefore, "regional reunions"
        will be encouraged in 2002-2003.

Q.  Why have a reunion off-cycle in 2005?  Shouldn't it be in
        2003 or 2006?

A.  2005 was selected because it is the 100th anniversary of 
        the founding of ACS.

Q.  A reunion in Beirut sounds expensive -- cost of travel for
        a 4-day reunion, etc.

A.  Beirut has been the favored site in every poll that has ever
        been done through the newsletter or at other reunions.
        It was impractical when Americans couldn't travel to
        Beirut, and they now can as of August 1997.  The AA/ACS
        Board of Governors projects that many ACSers will make
        it a longer trip (2-3 weeks) in order to maximize the
        investment in airfare by seeing other sites in the
        Mediterranean area either before or after the Beirut
        Reunion.  If you don't want to wait until 2005 to 
        return to Beirut, the "Beirut Field Trip," originally
        conceived in 1994, will take place during the summer
        of 1999.



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