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Subject: Reunion 2000 Report



Eleven Oregon and Washington ACSers attended the first planning
committee meeting for Reunion 2000 at our home in Beaverton, Oregon on
Saturday August 21, 1999.  I had sent out invitations to all 50+ Oregon
ACSers and several SW Washington ACSers (courtesy copies went to the
Board as well) several weeks before the meeting.  Some responded via
email that they couldn't attend the first meeting, but volunteered for
subcommittees anyway.  Thus, the membership in subcommittees shown below
adds up to more than the eleven who attended our first meeting:

	Barbara Maddy-Durbin '63 (to be confirmed)
	Linda Rutan-Lynch '63
	Sue Jacoby '73

	Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68 (pending)

	Bill Brown '56
	Mary Hopkins-Klages '58
	Mark deVos '70
	Pieter Devos '72
	Lisa Ebert-Stacey '74
	Dolf Devos '77
	Jim Stewart (Trus)

	Waldemar Schmidt '59
	Jon Stacey '61

	Harriet Wahl-Cowper '73

	MaryAnn Whitney-Hall '75
	Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac)

	[Next Meeting]

During the initial welcome and introductions prior to the start of
business, we were joined by Hugh and Shirley Harcourt, parents of Blair
Harcourt '75.  They live in Larnaca Cyprus, but spend their summers in
Portland.  They advised that they are setting up a separate "ACS
Parents" meeting to coincide with our reunion ^ no planning or financial
relationship will exist between the two groups, however.

We briefly discussed a theme (and whether we needed one) ^ Seattle had
the Space Needle, Denver had the "Bunkhouse/Western" theme, D.C. of
course had the "Nation's Capitol," etc.  Some ideas that we came up were
"Oregon Trail," the "City of Roses," "Bridges to ACS" (Portland has
fourteen bridges) and "Bridges to Beirut."  The group appeared to prefer
one of the latter two, as this will be the last reunion held before the
one in Beirut.  We may hype this reunion as the "last one in the States
for eight years" (from 2000 to 2008).

I briefed the group on the Board's guidance about minimizing formal
events such as panels of ambassadors and seminars, etc., while
emphasizing time availability for classmates to get together.   All
attendees reviewed a handout which provided statistics from the previous
reunions, dating back to 1982, excepting final details from the 1997
reunion.  Our initial plans are to have just the AA/ACS Business
Meeting, the Banquet, and the Farewell Brunch.  We may have some sort of
low-key hosted function on Saturday night July 1st to welcome the first
influx of attendees, but that idea is still being mulled over.  One
additional function discussed was a showing of the hard-to-get movie
"West Beirut," which governor Borre Ludvigsen '64 has been raving about.

There is much to do in this area, so the Program Committee will gather
information for the registration packets about the Fort Vancouver
fireworks (across the Columbia River from Portland).  Within walking
distance are the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, the "Saturday
Market," the local Blues Festival, sternwheeler trips on the rivers, a
tour of the local microbreweries (we have MANY), driving trips to Mount
Hood/Timberline Lodge (used in the movie "The Shining,"), to the local
wine country (about 15 vineyards), to the Mount St. Helens volcano, and
to the Oregon Coast.  The info for driving trips will be for those who
arrive early or leave late and decide to get a rentacar.  However, we
suspect the majority will just use the airport shuttle to the Hilton. 
We are going to look into cheaper parking spaces than those offered by
the Hilton for those who either drive to the reunion or rent a car once
they get here.  We may also put together some travel information for the
next reunion (Beirut) in the packet, although it could easily become

MaryAnn Whitney-Hall '75 showed us the quilt that she had designed for
fundraising by Donna Egan-Donahoo's committee.  It has been pieced, but
not quilted yet.  After much oooh-ing and aaah-ing, we briefly discussed
whether a raffle or an auction will raise the most money ^ Linda
Sheppard will do research on both methods, as she now works for a
private school which has significant experience with fundraising.

We discussed souvenir sales, with historical data on what has sold and
what has not.  For example many water bottles are still in stock from
the D.C. reunion, and the lapel pins from the Seattle reunion never did
sell out (they were given to ACS).  Linda and I suggested to the group
that teeshirts and mugs were pretty safe bets (we had all of the
teeshirts from 1988 through 1997 on display).  Other items discussed
(feasibility to be re-assessed at next meeting) were umbrellas (probably
too expensive), stress balls with an imprinted globe and a red star
showing the location of Beirut, and a revival of the key chains that
sold well during the Seattle reunion.  As nobody volunteered to be on
the souvenir committee, further discussions will be held at our next
meeting when we hope more will attend because the summer holidays will
be over with by then.

Entertainment (dancing) after the banquet will probably be via D.J.
since that is the least expensive route.  However, Jim Stewart is going
to check into the availability and fee of an Arabic Band that he knows

Some other ideas were a Bedouin tent motif for the hospitality suite,
and obtaining some of Borre's audio clips of Beirut street sounds ^
probably to be played in the hospitality suite.  A/V equipment will be
provided by individuals from within our committee so we don't have to
pay the hotel and arm and a leg for it.

We modified the tentative schedule of events, with the main functions
set as follows:

	Saturday, July 1st	4:00-6:30 p.m. 	Low-key reception for early arrivals
	Sunday, July 2nd	6:00 p.m.	Individual Class Reunions/Dinners
	Monday, July 3rd	6:30 p.m.	Banquet (followed by dancing)
	Tuesday, July 4th	8:30-10:00 a.m.	Farewell Brunch

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday October 23, 1999 at 1:00 p.m.
at the Hilton hotel in downtown Portland.   We will start off with a
tour of the facilities, and then get down to conducting business and
working on a budget for Board approval.  

A final note:  the next day after our meeting, I had a call from Thane
Martin '72, who lives in Oregon, and is a NEW MEMBER!  He will be
joining our group in October.

Bill Brown '56			(360) 546-1273	
Mary Hopkins-Klages '57		(503) 743-3053	
Waldemar Schmidt '59		(503) 631-8044	
Jon Stacey '61			(503) 524-8915	
Barbara Maddy-Durbin '63
Linda Rutan-Lynch '63		(541) 343-4238	
Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68	(425) 883-6197	
Mark deVos '70			(541) 758-4850	
Pieter deVos '72		(541) 758-4850	
Sue Jacobi '73			(503) 239-4336	
Harriet Wahl-Cowper '73				
Lisa Ebert-Stacey '74		(503) 524-8915	
MaryAnn Whitney-Hall '75	(503) 657-3098	
Dolf deVos '77			(503) 758-4850	
Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac)	(360) 378-6871	
Jim Stewart (Trus)		(503) 452-0541	



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