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Subject: 2nd Reunion Meeting

Minutes of 2nd Reunion 2000 Committee / Report to the AA/ACS Board of

Eleven Oregon and Washington ACSers attended the second planning
committee meeting for Reunion 2000 beginning at 1;00 p.m. on October 23,
1999, expanding the total volunteer group to 19.  We met at the Hilton
in downtown Portland.  We were given a tour of the facilities, including
all of the meeting space we will be using, by Dave Spacek, Head of
Catering and Sales for the Hilton.  Dave had provided us with a free
meeting room, complete with pop and pastries  he also showed us a
representative room and suite.  Dave also provided us with a lot of
specific information about hotel services and transportation from the
airport, which he will provide in writing to me, and which will be
published in our March and/or June newsletter.  Dave also noted that a
hardwood "dancing floor" would be an extra cost.
I had again sent out invitations to all 50+ Oregon ACSers and several SW
Washington ACSers (copies went to the Board as well) two weeks before
the meeting, but I will not be using additional postage on snailmails in
the future to any Oregon/Washington ACSer who has not showed up for a
meeting by now.   Two spouses (non-ACSers) kindly volunteered to help. 
The membership in subcommittees shown below adds up to more than
nineteen, because some have volunteered for more than one committee.:

	Linda Rutan-Lynch '63			[Menu Selection/Costs to Stacey]
	Pieter deVos ''72			[Menu Selection]
	Sue Jacoby '73				{Menu Selection]

	Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68 		[Deposits]

	Bill Brown '56				[Suite Layout Plan]
	Mary Hopkins-Klages '58
	Christine Littlejohn-Wheeler '68		[Outside Events]
	Mark deVos '70			
	Pieter Devos '72			[Suite Decor]
	Lisa Ebert-Stacey '74			[Entertainment]
	Dolf Devos '77				[DJ/Band]

	Waldemar Schmidt '59			[Local/Regional]
	Jon Stacey '61				[Pot & AA/ACS Web Page Coordination]

	Linda McKim-Bell (Curt Bell '55)		[Welcome Packet]
	Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68		[Registration Database Maintenance]
	Harriet Wahl-Cowper '73		[Staffing Schedule]
	Jim Stewart (Trus)			[Welcome Packet & Beirut Movie]

	MaryAnn Whitney-Hall '75		[ACS Quilt]
	Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac)		[Overall Guidance]
	Patricia Morgan deVos (Dolf '77)		[Auction & Suite Decor]

	Linda Rutan-Lynch '63		
	Cynthia Soghikian-Wolfe '72

PROGRAM:  The Program Committee added "outside events' such as Kayaking
and Golfing, to be arranged by new member Christine Littlejohn- Wheeler
'68.  For entertainment, Dolf Devos '77 agreed to sound out a Lebanese
Band named "Brothers of the Baladin," to be reported upon at the next
meeting.  Jon Stacey '61 reported that he had compiled a list of local
Middle Eastern restaurants for Class/Era reunions.  
Ideas for entertainment included the showing of a Middle Eastern movie,
belly-dancing, a Bedouin motif for the hospitality suite, and an auction
to raise money for ACS.  Jim Stewart agreed to contact the small "Guild
Theater," (located about one block from the Hilton) to see if they would
arrange to have a special matinee showing of the film "West Beirut." 
All agreed that this would be advertised in the POT as "come see 'West
Beirut' with your classmates."  Governor Anne Bruder '70 had offered to
try and get Bill Blakemore (Fac) to speak. Jon Stacey will contact her
to see if he would be willing to do a segue into the movie.  It was also
noted that former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh is Syrian, and he might be
asked to speak.
Auctioning vs. Raffling of the ACS Quilt was discussed.  Most
participants felt that more than one item should be auctioned.   This
discussion led to several suggestions about various forms of
auctioning.  The conclusion of the group was as follows:
1)  There will be three "big" auction items: 

a)  the "ACS Quilt," 
b)  two MEA tickets to Beirut ( if they can be donated by MEA  Donna
Donahoo (Fac) to check; 
c)  The ORIGINAL Potrezebie Cannonball (to be auctioned to a class, not
to an individual.
d)  A Lebanese flag that has actually flown above the Lebanese Embassy
in Washington, D.C.

2)  Several "smaller" auction items will be available for "silent
bidding" in the Hospitality Suite.  After the  Banquet Dinner is
completed, the results for a portion of the "silent auction" will be
announced, followed by bidding for one of the "Big Auction Items,"
followed by more announcements of successful "silent auction bids,"
followed by more auctions of the "Big Auction Items," etc.  

3)  Ideas of the "smaller" auction items include:

	-- Basket of items from Senior Class (Year 2000) at ACS;
	-- Valuable items donated by ACSers (solicitation in the Pot)
	-- An item to be purchased in Beirut by Linda McKim-Bell, on her visit
this coming December, 
such as an ivory inlaid jewelry box;
	-- The last remaining ACS poster, triangular banner, and Boston Reunion
	-- Rare books written by ACSers, i.e. "Pathway to the Pines" by Belle
Dorman '25
	-- Recipe book with pictures of the author and a story about the author
(info to
		be solicited through the Pot)
	-- Lebanese posters that Penny Sutton Hajj '46 has from the Ministry of

Chris Littlejohn-Wheeler '68 mentioned that she had a source of things
with Lebanese origin.

PUBLICITY about the reunion for the 12/99 issue will concentrate on
things to do in Porltland and Oregon.  The Blues Festival, Sternwheeler
Mini-Cruises, the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, the "Saturday
Market," Microbrewery Tours, Waterfront Park, Fareless Square, and
Powells Bookstore (the largest in the world) will be some of the things
mentioned about Portland.  Regarding Oregon and day trips before/after
the reunion, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, the Oregon Coast, and the Oregon
Vineyards will be mentioned.  Publicity in the March '00 and June '00
Pots will become more specific (such as pre-registration lists, exact
details on the hotel and airport transportation, etc.) as we get closer
to the reunion.  Jon Stacey reported that an ACSer who is a travel agent
had set up a discount deal for our group on United Airlines  that will
be publicized in the Pot as well.

FINANCE:  This was briefly discussed, but we have no Oregon volunteer
yet (anybody want to volunteer to be the check-writer?). Linda
Handschin-Sheppard '68 (who lives in Bellevue, WA) has agreed to use her
address (the return address on the AA/ACS envelopes) as the mailing
point for the registration forms (registration packets will be mailed
out to all ACSers in late February/early March).  She will deposit
registration fees in the Washington Mutual Bank (which has branches in

REGISTRATION: Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68 will also enter data from
registration forms into a reunion database that can be used to determine
who is coming by class year, who needs help with a roomate, who is
traveling the furthest, etc.  Linda will email the database weekly to
the other members of the registration committee.  Jim Stewart (Trus),
Bill Brown '56, and Linda McKim-Bell (Curt Bell '55) agreed to work on
the "Welcome Packet" which will be handed out during registration at the
hospitality suite.

SOUVENIRS:  We discussed souvenir sales briefly.  We're still leaning
towards the standard teeshirts and mugs.  Other items might include a
bronze keyring (like at the Seattle reunion) or mousepads.  

HOSPITALITY:  The Bedouin tent motif for the hospitality suite proposed
at our first meeting was met with great enthusiasm, and the deVos
brothers and spouses are going to provide the materials.  If we can
obtain some of Borre's audio clips of Beirut street sounds, they will
probably to be played in the hospitality suite.  As reported before, A/V
equipment will be provided by individuals from within our committee so
we don't have to pay the hotel an arm and a leg for it.  A belly-dancing
class may be scheduled for children (but adults may attend).
We further modified the tentative schedule of events, with the main
functions set as follows:

	Saturday, July 1st	4:00-6:30 p.m. 		Low-key reception/Early arrivals
(funds permitting)
	Sunday, July 2nd	2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.	Outgoing Board of Governors
	Sunday, July 2nd	4:00 p.m.		Middle Eastern Movie
	Sunday, July 2nd	6:00 p.m.		Individual Era/Class Reunions/Dinners
	Monday, July 3rd	10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.	AA/ACS General Business
	Monday, July 3rd 	2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.	Incoming Board of Governors
	Monday, July 3rd 	5:00 p.m.		Reception (budget permitting)
	Monday, July 3rd	6:30 p.m.		Banquet
	Monday, July 3rd	7:30 p.m.		Auction
	Monday, July 3rd	8:30 p.m.		Dancing
	Tuesday, July 4th	8:30-10:00 a.m.		Farewell Brunch
	Tuesday, July 4th	9:00 p.m.		Fireworks on the River

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday February 26, 2000  at 1:00
p.m. at my house at 11935 SW Robbins Drive in Beaverton, OR.  Some
enthusiasts in our group thought we ought to have the laST planning
meeting (June, 2000) at Donna Egan-Donahoo's house in Friday Harbor, WA,
since you just can't beat the San Juan Islands in the summer  however,
this was not finalized.  The second planning meeting ended at 4:20 p..m.


-- Jon  Stacey '61 
-- agreed to re-send the minutes of the first reunion committee planning
meeting to all members of the reunion committee
-- will send the pro forma budget to all members of the reunion planning
-- will send a survey list of Middle Eastern restaurants to Jim Stewart
& Harriet Wahl-Cowper;
-- will email the publicity article about the reunion to all committee
members for review,
	prior to publication in the 12/99 Pot.
-- will forward data on past souvenir costs and mark-ups to Linda
Rutan-Lynch '63 and Cynthia Soghikian-Wolfe '72
-- will email the pro forma registration database table to Linda
Sheppard '68
-- will follow-up with Dave Spacek to get publicity information and
additional information on 
	room layout/sizing (to be forwarded to Bill Brown '56)
-- Contact Anne Bruder '70 regarding Bill Blakemore (Fac)
-- Contact Cathy Bashsur to obtain the Potrezebie Cannonball from the
ACS NY office.
-- Jim Stewart (Trus), Linda Mckim-Bell (spouse of  Curtis Bell '55),
and Bill Brown '56,  will put together the "Welcome Packet" that will be
passed out in the Hospitality Suite.  Jon Stacey advised that his office
could probably help defray photocopy expense.
-- Christine Littlejohn-Wheeler  '68 will cooridnate "outside events"
such as Kayaking and Golfing, and will advise Jon Stacey regarding her
source of things with Lebanese origin.
-- Linda Rutan-Lynch '62 will coordinate with Sue Jacoby '73 and Pieter
deVos '72 regarding a tentative banquet menu and associated costs, so
Jon Stacey can get the budget prepared for approval by the AA/ACS Board
of Governors during their next conference call scheduled for December
-- Anne Bruder '70 will contact Penny Sutton-Hajj '46 regarding posters
from the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.  She may also contact Bill
Blakemore (Fac) regarding a speaking engagement.
-- Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac) will check about getting two tickets to
Beirut donated by MEA.
-- Patricia Morgan deVos (Dolf '77) will provide Jon Stacey with a list
of information required from ACSers who donate items for the auction
(cost, origin, suggested minimum bid, etc.).
15, 1999.

Linda McKim-Bell (Curt Bell '55)	(503) 227-0016		
Bill Brown '56			(360) 546-1273		< browwi@teleport.com>
Mary Hopkins-Klages '57	(503) 743-3053		
Waldemar Schmidt '59		(503) 631-8044		
Jon Stacey '61			(503) 524-8915		
Linda Rutan-Lynch '63		(541) 343-4238		
Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68	(425) 883-6197		
Christine Littlejohn-Wheeler '68	(253) 566-9798		None yet^
Mark deVos '70			(541) 758-4850		
Pieter deVos '72		(541) 758-4850		
Cynthia Soghikian-Wolf '72	(360) 866-9027		
Sue Jacobi '73			(503) 239-4336		
Harriet Wahl-Cowper '73	(503) 280-0894		
Lisa Ebert-Stacey '74		(503) 524-8915		
MaryAnn Whitney-Hall '75	(503) 657-3098		
Dolf deVos '77			(503) 758-4850		
Patricia Morgan deVos (Dolf '77)	(503) 758-4850		
Donna Egan-Donahoo (Fac)	(360) 378-6871		
Jim Stewart (Trus)		(503) 452-0541		

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