Jeff Hutchins's pictures from the 2005 Centennial.

Registration desk

Information desk

George Damon, Barbara Porter '71, and Ellen Porter '69. Charlotte Hamaoui, parent of current ACS students, is selling gifts.

Mary Anne Onoff FAC and Jeff Hutchins '65 at the Beiteddine Palace. (Ms. Onoff was my Social Studies teacher junior year.)
Barbara Lucher-Graham '56, Elsa Turmelle FAC, and Ken Lebsock '56. Linda Handschin-Sheppard '68 at the National Museum in Beirut. Rich Thomas '66 with Ken Sheppard (husband of Linda) at the Crusader Castle in Byblos Diane Hutchins, Jeff Hutchins '65, Cliff Barnard '69, Cliff's daughter (can't recall her name), and two other alumni whose names I can't recall.
Portrait collections of the classes of '64 and '65 hanging in the hallway in the B.D. next to a few other classes from the '60s

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