Joy Martin's pictures from the 2007 Reunion

ACS activitiesold and new

Andy Rogers blowing balloons

Balloon party

Balloon reflection

Balloons 1

Balloons ready reflection

Balloons 2

Bill Tracy facing

Blue and Gold

Bob Foster and Jeff Stallings (fac)

Cruise to Alexandria

Do we have enough yet?

Finalbreak fast (Mrs. T)

Foster, Stallings, Blakemore

Foster and Stallings at dock

Herding balloons

Here comes the boat

Holly Mak, Jay Bruder, Mary Ann New

In the Hyatt hallway

John Ragland ('74) on river cruise

Karen Hunt

Karen Hunt

More balloons

More talking than watching

Ms. Rich cruise

Ms. Rich with Wash. Monument

Ms.Rich and Bill Tracy at docks

On the cruise to Alexandria VA

Pam W. (68) Kelly Mck (fac)

Preparing gala center pieces

Ragland and Hyatt

Ready for lift off

Sandbagging balloons

View on the Potomac cruise

Waiting for boat Foster and Stalling

Walkway to Hyatt

Watergate complex

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