CEL - Lebanese Railways CEL - Chemin de Fer de l'Etat Libanais
Lebanese State Railways


The earlist part of this branch was the 1.05m gauge Tramway Libanais, started in 1895, which reached Maameltein in 1908.

In 1942 British forces had completed a standard gauge line to Tripoli as part of the HBT (Haifa-Beirut-Tripoli) line.

After WWII under the NBT and later, the CEL, a passenger service was set up between Beirut and Tripoli, with a weekly sleeping car that connected to the Taurus Express at Aleppo.

Dowra 20030302

Nahr el Kelb

Jounieh I 20000402

Jounieh II 20030302

Maameltein 20030302

Nahr Brahim 20030302

Jbeil 20030302

Amchit 20030302

Ras Chekka 20030302

Chekka 20030302

Tripoli Al Bahsas 20030302

Tripoli II 20030302

Tripoli I 20000402