CEL - Lebanese Railways CEL - Chemin de Fer de l'Etat Libanais
Lebanese State Railways

Riyaq Station and stockyards

67 km from Beirut. Station 33.8512° 36.0125°, stockyards 33.8586° 36.0054°

Riyaq is the hub where lines from Beirut, Homs and Damascus meet. Both station and stockyards were a Syrian Army base until their departure at the end of April 2005.

Riyaq stockyards 20020217

Riyaq Station 20020224

Riyaq stockyards 20020224

Riyaq stockyards 20060104 I

Riyaq stockyards 20060104 II

Riyaq Station 20060106 I

Riyaq Station 20060106 II