CEL - Lebanese Railways CEL - Chemin de Fer de l'Etat Libanais
Lebanese State Railways

Rolling stock: Furn el Shebbak yards, Beirut

The Furn el Shebbak yards were established to service standard gauge the stock used on the Naqoura-Beirut branch of the coastal N.B.T line. It also included rolling stock of the commuter cars of the Dowra-Jbeil service.

Self-propelled diesel commuter cars of the Dowra-Jbeil service. These cars appear to have carried on the earliest service of the Tramway Libanais, extending the trip from Maameltein to Jbeil.

This is "GM-6 (650hp/600 hp generator input) A truly tiny loco (31'0" length, 9'8" width, 12'10" height, can be reduced to 11'9"), this type had a single D47 traction motor and three axles. Drive was thru a gearbox arrangement again. Only six built, a prototype that spent its entire career as a works shunter at LaGrange, plus four for Lebanon, and one for a gold mine in South Africa, all in 1959-61." Those for CEL had maker's numbers 25462-25465 03/60 (702139-702142). (From "Andre's GM Locomotive Serial Number Page")

Diesel shunters which appear both at the Mar Mkhael yards and here at Furn el Shebbak. Hughes lists these among the DHP narrow gauge locomotives, but specifies them as 0-4-OD CEL 201 through 203. They were built at the Gaston Moyse works in Paris in 1936. However, Craig Miller indicates that the one in his picture from Mar Mkhael was standard gauge. Here the shunter is on the same rails as a standard gauge commuter car.

The Polish diesel engine last used for transporting cemment from the Chekka works to the port of Beirut.