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Lebanese State Railways

Rolling stock: Mar Mkhael station and yards, Beirut

The approach to Mar Mkhael station and stockyards is by a single line of dual guage rails to accomodate both the 1.05m gauge service oif the former D.H.P. across the Lebanon mountains to Riyak and standard gauge services of the N.B.T. along the coast. When in use, the lines extended into the port of Beirut through a tunnel west of the station area. The stock at the Mar Mkhael yards are therefore of both standard and norrow gauges. However, the workshops at the yards serviced only the narrow gauge stock, while standard gauge was serviced at Furn el Shebbak which was established with the N.B.T. line early in the 1940's.

One of the 0-10-0T rack engines bound for Riyaq.

A 1893 0-6-0T DHP shunting engine from Tubize works.

Two 0-10-0T 1.05m gauge engines.

A Moyse diesel shunter from 1936.

DHP 0-8-0 22 from 1906.

The black and white pictures were taken by Craig Miller in 1966.