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- of Peace

the world. It is generally agreed that the interests of future world peace and security demand the restoration and improvement of the productivity of western Europe. And oil products are an essential element in this program.

The vast reserves of the Middle East offer the best answer to this problem. The trouble before has been their inaccessibility. Now Tapline, cutting to the core of this crucial difficulty, in effect has moved the oil fields of Saudi Arabia some 3500 miles closer to the markets of western Europe.

The oil delivered through Tapline is under American ownership and American control. That oil in the hands of American interests will work for peace because that is what America wants and will insist upon.

The initial capacity of Tapline is 300,000 barrels per day.

From that amount of oil enough gasoline can be produced to operate 2,840,000 automobiles for an average day's driving. That would take care of all the cars in New York State. The amount of oil delivered by Tapline in a day can produce an amount of fuel oil sufficient to heat 259,000 average homes for 24 hours. That would be sufficient for the heating needs of Philadelphia for a day.

Tapline traverses four countries - Saudi Arabia, the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The effect of Tapline's industrial development in those countries already is being seen in an improvement in the living standards of their people.

Users of oil products in the United States will be benefited by Tapline operations because delivery of oil by pipe line will release 65 or more tankers for other routes. Many of them could be used in American coastal service, transporting adequate supplies of petroleum products to industrial centers.

More than half a million individuals have a financial interest in Tapline through ownership of stock in the companies which own and operate the line.

It is the story of Tapline, one of the great sagas in the history of industrial achievement, which follows.

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