Tapline - Al mashriq - The Levant

Images from pipeline repairs, Tapline
(All courtesy of John Makkinje)

(See John Makkinje's article on pipeline repair procedures.)

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. The morning after a truck hit the line.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. Close-up of the upstream pipe end.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. Close-up after the fire was extinguished.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. Aerial view of the site.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. Another aerial view showing the curve in the road that the driver missed!

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973. Billowing smoke could be seen miles away.

Close-up of a dislodged ring girder /pier.

Example of a cut made with a Wachs saw.

29 September 1971. Location Km. 361.9 Pipeline pressure 725 psi. Good example of a longitudinal weld failure

Location Km. 1044. At the Jordanian Syrian border. Typical example of damage caused by explosives placed on the line.

A truck that actually jumped over the pipeline.

Deep corrosion was discovered during reconditioning work at this location just east of Turaif.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973.

Kilometer 549. The twisted remains of the pipe after the fire was put out.

Kilometer 549. The new pipe is strung out on wooden skids

Kilometer 549. Oil still draining from the pipe at the cut

Kilometer 549. The 5 foot spool piece with Weld Plus ends

Kilometer 549. The Weld Plus end is pushed over the end of the 5 foot section.

Kilometer 549. The pipe sections are lined up and the line-up clamp is used to align the pipe ends accurately before the stringer beads is applied.

Kilometer 549. Motor transport personnel and equipment were always present to haul and place pipe sections along the ROW.

Kilometer 549. John Hendley, the Pipeline Maintenance Supervisor stands near the downstream WeldPlus end.

Kilometer 549. This is difficult to visualise. It looks down the 5 foot end that was cut off from the main spool piece and at the end is the Weld Pus end from which the pipe slid back, past the seal and thus started leaking.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973.

Kilometer 187. 21 January 1973.

(Left) Km. 574 just east of Badanah. 12 December 1966. An explosive device on top of the pipe was responsible for this neat indentation.