Note to Secretary of the Navy

This draft note was found among the pages of Rhea Putnam's copy of the 1948 Estimate of Maintenance and Operation Cost for Tapline. The note is apparently in Putnam's own handwriting. Rhea Putnam was the first engineer that was hired by Tapline, all the others that were working on the initial design etc, were all on the payroll of parent companies. Among other things, he was responsible for calculating where the pumpstations should be located as it was dependent on the maximum horsepower that would be installed at the various pumpstations as well as the terrain, i.e. was it uphill as the Badanah-Turaif section or flat like Qaisumah-Rafha. (Courtesy of J. Makkinje)


     To Sect. Navy     Feb 18, 1949       Cummings
       Period                             Stanley
      For Ten Years  - on completion      Truitt
                                          Wash DC
          Tapline will transport for Dep'ts
     of National Military Establishment at
     the option of said dep'ts at a rate /
     barrel representing the total / bbl. cost
     (including, but not limited to 8 1/3 % / yr
     & interest on borrowed funds.) of 
     transportation in the qtr. in which
     delivery is made, S. A crude oil in
     an amount up to 5% (1,350,000 bbls/qtr.)
     of the now contemplated initial cap.
     (27,000,000 bbls/qtr.) of the pipe line,
       limits  -  time  -  conditions etc.
     - Granting of foregoing option is 
     necessarily contingent upon Tapline
     being able to export pipe & mat'ls
      - protection etc -

Courtesy of John Makkinje

Scanned and transcribed by Børre Ludvigsen, 980106